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Travel Blogs Santa Maria

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Santa Maria in Sal, Cape Verde

Santa Maria is a city located in Cape Verde, Africa.

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Santa Maria Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Santa Maria

Africa » Cape Verde » Santa Maria
28 November 2010
Santa Maria Cape Verde

I had a great holiday in Cape Verde and stayed one week at the Island of Sal, one of the islands of Cape Verde and probably the most common one to travel to.

The idea to spend a week of relax at Santa Maria, the largest town on Sal Island was my boyfriend's and he actually came to surprise me at work with two plane tickets!

A great surprise because usually I plan...

Africa » Cape Verde » Santa Maria
03 January 2010
Capoeira practice on Sal Santa Maria

Cape Verde has some of the finest beaches on Africa's west coast. On the island of Sal the beach stretches for several km all the way up to Santa Maria, the main town centre of the island.

The Cape Verde archipelago is located in front of the coast of Senegal and Mauritania and is divided into two groups of islands, the Barlavento Islands and the Sotavento Islands.


Africa » Cape Verde » Santa Maria
27 September 2009
Santa Maria Cape Verde

My first trip out of Europe was to Cape Verde. We stayed on Isola do Sal for one week at the Djadsal Resort which attracts a lot of Italian tourists.

The resort was really beautifull with a friendly staff and an outstanding restaurant which offered a wide variety of food and drinks. The resort also has a tourists desk where daytrips can be booked. We chose to go on a quod tour in...