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Travel Blogs Chicago

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Chicago in Illinois, United States

Chicago is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Chicago

06 April 2011
Chicago United States

In March my wife and I made a trip to Chicago to visit my parents and took a flight from Baltimore where we live.

I recently moved to Baltimore for work so every now and then I try to get back to Chicago for at least a couple of days to visit friends and family.

We had a fine trip with American Airlines and had a very warm welcome in Chicago where some of my relatives where waiting for us at the airport.

We really enjoyed our time in Chicago and my wife always loves to come here because of its nice parks and cosmopolitan feel. In between visits and errands...

20 October 2010
Chicago United States

Every now and then I travel down to Chicago for business and stay their for a couple of days. I also have a good time their and often stay for the weekend as well.

My company usually bookes their rooms at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago, a very comfortable and outstanding Four Season's hotel.

Especially when you're just staying...

18 July 2010
Chicago United States

For work I was in Chicago for two weeks and got to see a lot of downtown Chicago. Of course, two weeks isn't a lot for a holiday but I must say that it's enough for a city trip like mine.

I really liked the Chicago Navy Pier area with the Giant Ferris Wheel, the great panoramic views of the city with its impressive skyscrapers and the nice esplanade which is great if you want to...

31 December 2009
The Chicago Water Tower Chicago

The city of Chicago is the biggist in the state of Illinois and is called home by over 3.8 milion people.

The Chicago Skyline is really pretty with its lake front view. Also within the city Chicago is famous for its great architecture and huge shopping complexes. A good place to go shopping would be on Magnificent Mile where you'll find all the upscale boutiques and stores. A good alternative is offered by State St with thousands of nice restaurants and bars to take a break from your shopping spree.

On Magnificent Mile you will also encounter the Chicago Water Tower which serves...