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Travel Blogs Toronto

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Toronto in Ontario, Canada

Toronto is a city located in Canada, North America.

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Travel Blogs Toronto

North America » Canada » Toronto
27 May 2011
Toronto Canada

Last Easter me and my friends went on a weekend trip to Toronto in Canada and drove there from Buffalo New York which took us little less than two hours.

It was my first time in Canada but some of my friends had been in Toronto before so we had some information on where to go. After our 100 mile road race we arrived in Toronto and hungry as we were had some decent burgers at the...

North America » Canada » Toronto
01 August 2010
Toronto Canada

This February I went to visit my friend in Toronto, Canada. I had never been to Canada before so I was quite excited about my trip. Besides the fact that it was great to see my friend again I really liked my stay in Toronto eventhough it was really cold.

Luckily she told me winter time in Canada can be quite extreme so I had packed my entire winter wardrobe and I was happy I did!


North America » Canada » Toronto
21 February 2010
The CN Tower of Toronto Toronto

I would describe Toronto in Canada lik New York City with no flaws. From a cultural point of view this dynamic Canadian metropolis really has a lot to offer tourists.

There is a great cosmopolitan air to Toronto with its numerous local festivities, rich international cuisine and wide range of musical and theatrical entertainment.

Toronto is a very beautiful city but also a goof travel destination with plenty of attractions which are well connected and easy to reach. Being the cultural and commercial centre of Canada, Toronto is definitely worth a visit and especially the area...