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Travel Blogs Tibet

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Tibet in China

Tibet is a city located in China, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Tibet

Asia » China » Tibet
11 August 2011
Tibet China

Some travel experiences will mark you for the rest of your life and I have no doubts about the fact that the world is filled with stunning destinations but my journey to Tibet has simply blown me away.

My visit to Tibet was part of a trip to different countries of Asia and started in Chengdu the homeland of the panda and a beautiful place to visit in Central China but not the destination...

Asia » China » Tibet
19 July 2010
Tibet China

How to plan a trip to Tibet? Tibet is an amazing region of Asia and one of the most challinging hiking destinations. Some people go to Tibit on a spiritual trip others simply want to gaze the amazing plain or are in search of a new travel adventure.

Answering the first question, How to plan a trip to Tibet, starts with this travel goal because that way you can plan your trip along...

Asia » China » Tibet
12 March 2010
The immense landscapes of Tibet, China. Tibet

You will find Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, at the end of a long road which starts all the way up in Chengdu, in China.

But besides that main road the two countries do not have very much in common except for the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

You can travel along Sichuan Road for thousands of kilometers crossing the rural Chinese landscape over to the high Tibetan...