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Travel Blogs Reykjavik

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Reykjavik in Iceland

Reykjavik is a city located in Iceland, Europe.

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Reykjavik Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Reykjavik

Europe » Iceland » Reykjavik
13 June 2011
Reykjavik Iceland

My trip through Iceland started in capital city Reykjavik where I landed and rented a car to be able to cruise around this gorgeous Island. I soon found out that this country is nothing like any other place I had ever been to before and nature here is so pure that it seems unreal.

From Reykjavik I travelled to places like Thingvellir, Strokkur, Gullfoss, Skatti, Eyjajallajokull,...

Europe » Iceland » Reykjavik
08 September 2010
Reykjavik Iceland

From Thingvellir we had finally reached Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland and our final travel destination after an incredible journey along the south coast of Iceland.

We had great weather during our stay in Reykavik which made our stay even more pleasent.

We booked a room at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica which was a beeautiful hotel and the perfect place...

Europe » Iceland » Reykjavik
18 July 2010
Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik is the largest city of Iceland and especially from the Perlan, the landmark building of the capital city, you'll see just how pittoresque and beautiful it is.

I travelled to Reykjavik in July so the climate was rather mild, around 10 degrees, whereas in wintertime Iceland really honors its name and can be more than chilly.

I did an internship of three weeks in Reykjavik this July but had been there before to do some research work and I must say that it remains a city that fascinates me for its stunning nature and immense calmness.

I came across some...