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My unforgettable trip to Uluru

February 4th, 2010

I have been considering my first trip to Australia and I figured out that Australia’s Northern Territory and Kings Canyon would be the perfect spot : right in the middle of the desert – perfect to test 4WD tours –, location of the so famous Uluru (or Ayers Rock) – major in the Aboriginal culture –, and definitely a place to forget how rainy and grey Western Europe can be, especially London.

There are so many Uluru tours and activities that I could have chosen there from Alice Springs or Cairns to reach Kings Canyon and the Red Centre. I set up my on list of must-do activities and Uluru tours so that I don’t miss anything there : it was only going to be a few days at Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park so I wanted to enjoy Uluru the most and the best way possible !

I clearly had to go for Uluru Tours at sunrise and sunset. I have been told and read so many things about how beautiful this is, with Uluru changing of colours as the sun goes high in the sky. This is amazing ! Uluru is beautiful with all these colours and it happens so fast you can’t be bored ! That is when you can begin to understand why this Ayers Rock is a sacred place for Aborigines.

Very early morning Uluru tours (“very” as it starts at 5 am already !) seems to be the perfect solution to see sunrise at Uluru / Ayers Rock. Like several options are available, I chose the Bushman’s breakfast, this is quite nice to attend sunrise with a typical breakfast and learning the very first key elements about this rock and Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park. There is also this early morning tour that offers a light breakfast with great views of sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

And for sunset, of course there are some dinner experiences at Uluru ! You can expect the best from walking Uluru tours and Kata Tjuta Tours at the Valley of the Winds - Kata Tjuta National Park - to experience the beauty of this place. Then you can enjoy a glass of wine and a barbecue dinner : sounded good to me and was actually very nice ! and all walking Uluru tours allows you to discover Uluru flora and fauna, that is simply great !

Besides the dinner and breakfast experiences there are several other tours to choose from. One of the best ways to see how big and impressive Uluru is must be this Helicopter Ride over Uluru / Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta / The Olgas. During this kind of Uluru tours, I could really see how big and remarkable Uluru is, so outstanding. You must see it to truly understand why this rock generates so much attention from Australian and Aborigine people and of course from tourists. I also heard of some Camel tours or 4WD tours which might be a good solution to see the majestic Uluru from different points of view. But a climb… well since the Aborigine people consider this rock as a sacred place and do their best to avoid people climbing Uluru, I guess it is our responsibility to respect that (or not, it is up to each and everyone of us), so for me, there was no climb ! and I am pretty sure that the best we can experience at Kata Tjuta National Park is not on the top of Uluru.

So for me, Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory was my perfect combination of walking Uluru tours, from sunrise to sunset.

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My unforgettable trip to Uluru
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