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Travel Blogs Cuba

Travel Blogs Cuba

Cuba is a country located in South America. Cuba's capital is Havana and the currency is the Cuban Peso.

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Map of Cuba
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Travel Blogs Cuba

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Holiday in Cuba

South America » Cuba » Havana
07 September 2010
Havana Cuba

Here are some pictures of my holiday in Cuba where I went with my girlfriend. We stayed in Havana, the capital of Cuba, first and from there on we did some road trips to other places like Santa Clara.

In Havana you can stay at a hotel or pousada, a typical Cuban bed and breakfast or guesthouse owned by locals who earn some extra money by letting tourists stay at their house.


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The sandy beaches of Varadero

South America » Cuba » Varadero
24 March 2010
Photos at the beach of Varadero, Varadero

In August I've been to Varadero, an amazing place from the beautiful beaches to the fascinating Cuban cars driving in the streets.

These old American cars used during the sixties are amazing and often still in great shape.

The water at the beach was crystal clear and the sand, maybe not as white as snow but beautiful as well. The beach area was surrounded by palm...

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Backpacking and Hitchhiking in Cuba

South America » Cuba » Havana
22 March 2010
Panoramic streetview of Santiago. Havana

Together with my girlfriend I've travelled around Cuba for 25 days.

We decided not to book any fancy accomodation but to stay with the locals so once we had booked our flight and packed our backpacks we were ready for a new adventure!

In Havana we stayed in one of the many casa pecular and during the day we travelled by bus, taxi, trucks, tractors and by hitchhiking from one place to another.

Especially the coco-taxi, which is very common in Cuba, was a great experience!

Besides the capital we visired places like Cayo Largo, Vignales, Pinar...

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An amazing country called Cuba

South America » Cuba » Havana
12 March 2010
Having a drink on Malecon de la Habana, Cuba. Havana

Cuba is an amazing country with a rich culture to explore. The city of Havana is really characteristic and as soon as you get off the airplane you can just feel something special in the air and you ask yourself how it's possible that this paradise is only a few hours away!

Unfortunately there is also a less brighter side about this country and about Havana, the capital of Cuba and...

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Spotting turtles in Cayo Largo

South America » Cuba » Cayo Largo
01 March 2010
The beach of Playa Sirena. Cayo Largo

My trip to Cuba was a last minute decision and maybe the best I ever made! After a flight of twelve long hourse I arrived on the island of Cayo Largo, surrounded by an amazing Caribbean Sea shimmering underneath the sun, simply spectacular!

After we arrived at our resort I didn't want to waste a second in my hotel room, and went straight to the beach. The water was amazing and warm...