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Travel Blogs Ecuador

Travel Blogs Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in South America. Ecuador's capital is Quito and the currency is the US dollar.

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Map of Ecuador
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Travel Blogs Ecuador

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Tour of Quito Ecuador

South America » Ecuador » Quito
15 October 2010
Quito Ecuador

Backpacking through South America I also travelled to Ecuador where I visited several beautiful places starting with Quito, the capital city of Ecuador and a true gem as fas as the colonial history of the country goes.

The historic centre of Quito deserves a walking tour around as even the small calle's and viale's are worth a peek or a photograph.

I had read that...

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Excursion to Otavalo market Ecuador

South America » Ecuador » Otavalo
09 September 2010
Otavalo Ecuador

Otavalo, north of Quito, is known for its market and like all the other tourists that come to Otavalo we decided to go on a excursion through Otavalo that included a visit to the market.

Otavalo is located in the north of Ecuador where the indigenous locals are known for their arts and crafts.

Especially if you're looking for nice souvenirs or good quality fabrics...

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Flight Quito Ecuador

South America » Ecuador » Quito
06 September 2010
Quito Ecuador

My best friend and I have been to Ecuador for a month of serious backpacking, something we both had never done before but were really curious about.

We had booked our flight to Quito, Ecuador and a hotel to stay in the first three days. The rest, we would figure it out later!

Our flight to Quito took about 15 hours and was perfect.

The company...

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Galapagos Islands travel packages

South America » Ecuador » Galapagos
16 June 2010
Galapagos Ecuador

I had travelled a few times to South America during my studies because it was the only continent I really felt great passion for. During those travel adventurous I had visited also Ecuador but never made it to the Galapagos Islands, my ideal travel destination which after years had become some kind of utopia it seemed.

This June I finally made it to the Galapagos Islands without...

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Photos of Museo Inti Nan near Quito

South America » Ecuador » Quito
08 April 2010
Photos of the Wuaorani people at the Museo Inti Nan in Ecuador Quito

Near the monument of La Mitad del Mundo you'll find the interesting Museo Inti Nan located in a tropical garden.

The Inti Nan Museum tells us something about the ancient traditions and remains of the people from Ecuador, the Wuarani.

You can also see how certain religios and culture related rituals were practised like the brutal Tzantza ritual which consists in...