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Travel Blogs Palau

Travel Blogs Palau

Palau is a country located in Oceania. Palau's capital is Koror and the currency is the US dollar.

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Map of Palau
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Travel Blogs Palau

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Cruise to Malakal Island Palau

Oceania » Palau » Malakal Island
19 September 2011
Malakal Island Palau

If you're looking to enjoy a unique diving experience the Republic of Palau with its stunning and almost magical islands can be a dream destination.

Together with Gary my best friend since thirty years I had planned a cruise holiday to Malakal Island to experience diving on Palau and enjoy a different holiday away from home.

We arrived on Malakal Island where...

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Palau Island Liveaboard Diving Pictures

Oceania » Palau » Koror
06 May 2010
Photos of a Nudibranch, Palau Island Koror

After my working experience in Papua New Guinea I decided to travel through to Indonesia and extend my stay in this beautiful part of the world.

From Indonesia I travelled to the Island of Palau which lies to the north of Indonesia and just East of the Philippines.

Palau is known for its gorgeous reefs and beautiful marine life so what better place to train my...