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Travel Blogs Brisbane

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Brisbane in Queensland, Australia

Brisbane is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Brisbane

Oceania » Australia » Brisbane
15 March 2010
Photos of the swimming lagoon of Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane

I have been three months in Australia but it took me less than two weeks to fall in love with this amazing country.

I visited both Sydney and Melbourne which are both incredible cities and well worth the visit!

Its an amazing country with immense distances and a beautiful nature which gives you an incredible sense of freedom and the urge to explore more and more...

Oceania » Australia » Brisbane
05 February 2010
French bakery in Brisbane Brisbane

From Byron Bay we drove to Brisbane and we were just in time for the wednesday market on Brisbane Square. The whole square was filled with fresh produce stands and nice eateries where you're able to taste the dips and cheeses before deciding to buy them. We had some freshly squeezed orange jus and bought some french bread and croissants to fuel up for the day.

The Brisbane markets are also a great way to get to know a bit more about the locals and see how they interact when it comes down to finding good bargains. Once you're done shopping on the colourful markets you will be ready to explore Queen...

Oceania » Australia » Brisbane
11 January 2010
Restaurant Cosmopolian in Brisbane Brisbane

Brisbane is located on the river and has one of Australia's most beautiful skylines at night as the coloured building, parks and even the giant wheel make the city looks like it's having a party.

Most of Brisbane's nightlife scene is found at Chinatown, also known as the Fortitude Valley or The Valley. Both this area as its neighbour New Farm are popular parts of Brisbane for cafe's, bars and restaurants.

During the day there are several touristic attraction you should include in your walking tour like Brisbane City Hall, Anzac Square, King George Square and the St Stephens Cathedral....

Oceania » Australia » Brisbane
17 December 2009
Dinner cruise on the Brisbane river Brisbane

In Brisbane we sure had some back luck with the weather and eventhough we espected nothing but sun in hot Brissy we had our share of rain!

The first night we were luckily it kept dry so we decided to go on a dinner cruise. Because of the time difference we were just in time for the boat cruise on the Brisbane River and hopped on right on time. The cruise was led by Kookaburra River...