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June 5th, 2012

We booked a nice room and we spend a few days in the traditional village Kaliviani.

As me and my wife decide to make our vacations in Greece, we choose to explore the island of Crete.

Our perfect stay on Kaliviani Traditional Hotel made our vacations memorable as is away from the mass tourism and combined privacy and comfort with affordable prices.

The view from our balcony was simple idyllic facing the gulf of Kissamos.

Daily we enjoyed excellent homemade breakfasts served with heart directly from the owner.

The location was perfect as it is situated at the starting point to visit the magnificent Balos beach and lagoon, very near to Falasarna beach and just one hour driving to Elafonisi Island.

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Where to stay in Kaliviani: Kaliviani Traditional Hotel

What to do in Kaliviani: Explore the sourounding beach and attractions.

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Vacations in Kaliviani
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