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Travel Blogs Rio de Janeiro

Travel Blogs Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a city located in Brazil, South America.

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Rio de Janeiro Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Rio de Janeiro

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
05 August 2012
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

I went to Rio in January 2012. The first thing I thought when I arrived in Ipanema´s subway was: \"Gosh! This is the subway of the paradise!\"

Since that moment, every experience was breathtaking. I had never imagined that a place like that could exist.

The pictures aren´t enough to explain the city. Everything is giant, the nature is incredibly exuberant,...

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
18 July 2011
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

My holiday in Brazil was great and it was a shame I couldn't stay any longer! I had to limit my travel plans to at least a few destinations so I chose to stay in Rio de Janeiro simply because not going there would have being ridiculous :) and I also visited Salvador to soak up some of that carnival flavour, Pipa to relax on the beach and Natal to get in touch with nature!

Brazil is such a huge country that, to my surprise, it turns out to be the size of Australia! Logically having only a few weeks off I couldn't visit every little part of it but hopefully I will be back next year to explore at least...

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
22 March 2011
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

We had waited for months to go on this trip but this March it was finally time to bag our bags! My girlfriend and I always wanted to travel to Brazil and if possibile partecipate in the carnival celebrations.

Nothing they say about the Rio de Janeiro carnival parade is even slightly esagerated and it really is the party of the year!

The Sambodromo, heaven to all...

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
05 October 2010
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

In January I left for Rio de Janeiro where I signed up for volunteer work in a school together with a friend of mine. We both had finished our studies and wanted to explore the world so when our teacher told us about the possibility to do volunteer work in Brazil we both knew this was something for us.

We left in wintertime and arrived in exotic Brazil where summer seems to be the...

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
04 January 2010
The Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Favelas in Rio de Janeiro are known as one of the worlds most poor and dangerous places and visiting a neighbourhood in this area is probably not the safest tourist attraction on the market.

The only way to visit the Favelas is by tour and always accompanied by a professional guide. Usually the gangs in ghetto's like the Favelas get paid by the tour agency to keep quiet...