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Travel Blogs Lima

Travel Blogs Lima

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Lima in Metropolitan Area, Peru

Lima is a city located in Peru, South America.

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Travel Blogs Lima

South America » Peru » Lima
29 September 2011
Lima Peru

Hello yukiba readers, in this blog I would like to share my travel experience in Peru where I went on a boat tour to Islas Ballestas near Paracas and about ten km from Lima where I was staying.

On itself Lima is a very interesting city with beautiful places and churches to visit but it is also nice to do some tours or travel to the coast because of its immense beauty.


South America » Peru » Lima
03 August 2010
Lima Peru

In October of 2008 I made a trip of one month through Peru and travelled from Lima down the South Pacific to Arequipa to get more inland to Puno, Machu Picchu and Cuzco.

I never thought that one month of travel could give me such a great experience and I really had got to see so much of Peru that my passion for the culture, the people and the country has only become stronger.


South America » Peru » Lima
28 July 2010
Lima Peru

In December of 2007 I went to Peru, where I travelled the country for about a month departing from Lima. Before exploring the rest of Peru, I decided to stay a week in Lima to see as much as possible from this city.

The thing I really liked about Lima was the historic center and the colonial architecture on the buildings which really gives this city its status and buildings like...

South America » Peru » Lima
19 March 2010
Pictures of the Government Palace, Lima. Lima

After a 14 hour flight with a stop in Madrid I finally arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru.

I didn't really know what to expect because it was the first time I visited a South American country and I knew it had to be different from Europe, but in which way was still a big surprise!

The airport of Lima looked amazing and really modern and advanced. I had an amazing...