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Travel Blogs Argentina

Travel Blogs Argentina

Argentina is a country located in South America. Argentina's capital is Buenos Aires and the currency is the Argentine Peso.

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Travel Blogs Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Iguazu Falls

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires
05 March 2011
Buenos Aires Argentina

Here are some pictures from my trip to Argentina where I went on a 16 day trip covering the capital Buenos Aires with its beautiful centre and La Boca quarter, the gorgeous Patagonia landscapes and of course the sizzling Iguazu Falls.

I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite because the experience of the whole trip was just amazing because of the different parts of Argentina we visited,...

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Great location Hotel in Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires
06 December 2010
Buenos Aires Argentina

During my stay in Buenos Aires me and my husband stayed at the Castelar Hotel & Spa. The hotel was located at a ten minutes walk fom Plaza de Mayo which was great for sightseeing and getting from one point in Buenos Aires to another.

Location was the main reason we choose to stay at the Castelar Hotel but were very pleased with our room and other services the hotel offered like...

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Puerto Madryn Patagonia Wildlife Tours

South America » Argentina » Puerto Madryn
20 November 2010
Puerto Madryn Argentina

Puerto Madryn lies in the Argentine Patagonia and is known for its amazing wildlife tours and other adventurous activities.

I would recommend Puerto Madryn to everyone who wants to experience the real Argentine wildlife as we had a great time going on several different day trips.

The most impressive tour we went on was the whale watching cruise which gave us the...

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Buenos Aires Travel Deal

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires
10 November 2010
Buenos Aires Argentina

Since february of this year me and my friends had to say goodbye to one of best friends who decided to sell her house and move to Buenos Aires, just like that!

She had fallen in love with the city and wanted to see what life had to offer her when danced in a tango rythm instead of sitting back home in freezing London, who blames her?

She was ok with leaving us...

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Glacier tour Patagonia Argentina

South America » Argentina » El Calafate
27 October 2010
El Calafate Argentina

Patagonia must be the most breathtaking part of Argentina and simply a world away from the colourful capital city of Buenos Aires.

Going on a glacier tour through Patagonia and explore El Parque Nacional Los Glaciares to me sounded like the ultimate travel adventure so that's why I divided my time in Argentina in two holidays.

The first week in Buenos Aires, the...