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Travel Blogs Dubai

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Dubai is a city located in United Arab Emirates, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Dubai

13 April 2012
dune basing with other SUV in desert Dubai

So much inspired with Dubai s Local safari tour that I thought to write a post on it.It was our first time visit to United Arab Emirates of Dubai.we had booked a room in Atlantis hotel with amazing beach view and Atlantis seemed to be the best option for a comfortable stay for our 1 week family holiday trip. we were googling up desert safari company on Google and came across desertsafaridubaitours...

27 December 2011
Dubai United Arab Emirates

Last week I had 5 days in Dubai for a conference me and my collegues had to go to and I had a great time. Going on business trips to places such as Dubai is a real treat as it gives you the excellent excuse to spend some time away from the cold winter.

Besides the reason for my going I think Dubai is a great travel destination in general with lots of nice places to go to like malls,...

22 June 2011
Dubai United Arab Emirates

On my latest business trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates I stayed at the wonderfully luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel and it truly was the most impressing hotel I have ever stayed at.

Everything was taken care of and arranged to perfection from the suite to the catering. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is yet another good example of how the United Arab Emirates are taking over this...

05 May 2011
Dubai United Arab Emirates

Three weeks ago I came back from an amazing time in Dubai where I ended a six month internship for a company in the fashion industry. Before my departure I didn´t know what to expect from Dubai but it was everything I could have wished for and more!

It was the same feeling I felt when I visited New York for the first time, it´s vibrance and dynamic lifestyle with new projects,...

07 February 2011
Dubai United Arab Emirates

Just before Christmas my fiance and I went on a Costa Deliziosa Cruise to the United Arab Emirates leaving from Savona, Italy. The cruise headed for Dubai, the main stop of the cruise itinerary but not the only one.

From Dubai we headed to Abu Dhabi and visited other places like Bahrain, Fujairah and Muscat, all part of our 20 day Costa Deliziosa Cruise.