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Travel Blogs Belgium

Travel Blogs Belgium

Belgium is a country located in Europe. Belgium's capital is Brussels and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Belgium
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Travel Blogs Belgium

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City trip to Brussels

Europe » Belgium » City of Brussels
25 July 2011
City of Brussels Belgium

This weekend me and my girlfriend took a small holiday to Brussels and travelled from Paris to Brussels by train. We took the Thalys which took us across the border in no time.

We stayed at the Van der Valk Hotel at Brussels Airport which was a terrible idea not for the hotel or anything because service and the room were great but we somehow miscalculated the distance from the hotel to the center which was about 13 km away.

Besides that our stay was very nice and we had a good three days in Brussels where we went to see the Manneken Pis Fountain, eat some real Belgium chocolate...

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Brussels City Trip

Europe » Belgium » City of Brussels
23 June 2011
City of Brussels Belgium

Together with my girlfriends I planned a city trip to Brussels to visit a college friend of us who moved to Belgium for her MA internship. We stayed in the city center at the Novotel Hotel which where we rented two rooms.

The only negative was the weather but we really loved Brussels and found it such a charming city with the beautiful medieval square called The Grand Place surrounded...

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Weekend in Antwerp

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp
12 April 2011
Antwerp Belgium

Last weekend my girlfriends and I took the train to Antwerp to spend three days at the four star De Keyser Hotel and indulge in all the sweet things that Belgium had to offer us!

We often go on these city trips and love to spend some quality time away from our partners just to talk about the past couple of weeks, work and all those things you might need a break from every once in...

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Beautiful hotel in Bruges, Belgium

Europe » Belgium » Bruges
05 November 2010
Bruges Belgium

This June my daughter has moved to Bruges in Belgium for a year of study and it surprised me that I had never visited this beautiful city.

Bruges is just a train ride away from Amsterdam where we live but you really experience being abroad as the atmosphere is really friendly and less chaotic than back home.

The historic city center of Bruges is simply stunning...

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Inter-rail adventure in Belgium

Europe » Belgium » Brussels
30 March 2010
Pictures of Brussels, Belgium. Brussels

I went to France, Belgium and the Netherlands by train. I decided to purchase an inter-rail ticket and just see where I wanted to hop on and off. It was an amazing experience and I met so many interesting people along the way.

Some places were beautiful and every country had its own charme. I travelled with four of my best friends and the only thing we packed was this giant tent...