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Travel Blogs Colombia

Travel Blogs Colombia

Colombia is a country located in South America. Colombia's capital is Bogota and the currency is the Colombian Peso.

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Map of Colombia
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Travel Blogs Colombia

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Taganga Santa Marta Colombia

South America » Colombia » Taganga
24 August 2010
Taganga Colombia

After our trip from Colombia into Venezuela where we had our amazing Los Llanos experience it was time to head back to Merida from where we would returno to Colombia.

Havings seen the inland of Colombia this time we headed to Taganga, near Santa Marta, the capital of the Magdalena Department on the North Coast of the Colombian Caribbean Region.

Entering a region...

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Barichara Colombia

South America » Colombia » Barichara
22 August 2010
Barichara Colombia

A ten km ride from San Gil we arrived at Barichara, the last town we would visit in Colombia before crossing the border with Venezuela and entering the city of Merida.

After our say in Venezuela we would return to Colombia to travel along the country's beautiful coastline as we had only seen the inland of Colombia so far.

Barichara is a small but lovely town with a very nice center where usually you will find a lot of locals sitting outside but on a Sunday, the day we arrived in Barichara, they spend their day in church and with their families so it was a very quiet welcome for...

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San Gil Colombia

South America » Colombia » San Gil
22 August 2010
San Gil Colombia

From Villa de Leyva we travelled north to San Gil which located in the northeastern part of Colombia.

In San Gil we went to the Parque Natural El Gallineral which is known for its ancient trees and botanical gardens which are home to some of the most beautiful flowers and plants.

The Parque Natural El Gallineral is located on an island on the river that runs through...

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Villa de Leyva Colombia

South America » Colombia » Villa de Leyva
21 August 2010
Villa de Leyva Colombia

From Bogota, the capital of Colombia, we travelled to Villa de Leyva which is located in the Bogota Department and has the same colonial beauty as many other towns and settlements in this region.

In Villa de Leyva we visited the El Fósil Museum where we went to see some very impressive and ancient fossils on display. The Museum is most known for it's Kronosaurus fossil, which would...

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Things to do in Bogota Colombia

South America » Colombia » Bogota
20 August 2010
Bogota Colombia

From San Agustin we travelled up north to Bogota, the capital of Colombia and the most visited city in the heart of the country.

Bogota is known as a very hectic place and not a really safe place eaither but I guess you'll have no problems if you prepare your trip to this part of Colombia well.

Bogota is also a popular tourist drawcard and it is a familiar stop...