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Travel Blogs Ireland

Travel Blogs Ireland

Ireland is a country located in Europe. Ireland's capital is Dublin and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Ireland
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Travel Blogs Ireland

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Trip to Coastal Malahide Ireland

Europe » Ireland » Malahide
17 October 2011
Malahide Ireland

Me and my husband fell in love with the beauty of coastal beauty of Ireland many years ago and one of our favourite places to go and enjoy the outdoors is the town of Malahide not too far from Dublin and therefor also a great destination for a daytrip of weekend away.

The town of Malahide is know in the first place for its number one visitors attraction, the Malahide Castle but you will soon discover that the coastline, the salty winds and the village-like centre of Malahide are just as impressive and you might fall in love with this little gem like we have!

Located in the Dublin...

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Ireland Holiday Cottage

Europe » Ireland » Rathlin Island
03 August 2011
Rathlin Island Ireland

Rathlin Island in Ireland is one of my favourite getaway places just off the coast of County Antrim, one of the six counties of Northern Island turning Rathlin Island into the northernmost point of the country.

You can get to the island by ferry and rent a cottage during your stay. If you travel by ferry from Ballycastle to Rathlin Island you will have the comfort of bringing your...

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Great summer holiday in Ireland

Europe » Ireland » Dublin
16 March 2010
The amazing landscapes of Ireland. Dublin

In 2004 I went on a trip to Ireland and to my surprise I spend ten amazing days underneath the Irish summer sun. We travelled in the month of June and had great weather throughout our stay.

The days we spend in Ireland were amazing and we got to see some beautiful lanscapes covered in endless stretches of green grass lands.

The contrast with the clear blue sky...

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Dublin and the quarter of Temple Bar

Europe » Ireland » Dublin
12 March 2010
Dublin by night. Dublin

In February I went to Dublin during a field trip. We stayed for two weeks and eventhough Ireland for me personally isn't one of the best travel destinations because of the bad weather and less exotic cuisine I did enjoy myself a lot and got to see some great things.

Ireland has a beautiful nature with lots of green and amazing parks. We also visited the hotel of Bono, singer of the...

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The Saint Patrick celebrations in Dublin

Europe » Ireland » Dublin
05 March 2010
Photos of Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin. Dublin

Together with some of my friends I left my home in Sicily to go on a trip to Ireland, an amazing island filled with endless green fields and joyful people.

This trip has been an amazing experience and the Irish people made such an impression on me for their friendlyness and curiosity. They were very welcoming and made all of us feel at ease.

Then of course, the...