Travel Blogs Maldives

Travel Blogs Maldives

Travel Blogs Maldives

Maldives is a country located in Asia. Maldives's capital is Male and the currency is the Rufiyaa.

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Map of Maldives
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Travel Blogs Maldives

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Maldives Beaches

Asia » Maldives » Reethi Beach
23 October 2012
Reethi Beach Maldives

For those seeking a holiday in a warm, tropical climate, look no further than the Maldives as holidays in this island nation are built around sun, sea and sand and we had an amazing time for our honeymoon! For great offers on Maldives holidays, be sure to check out Thomson Holidays and book a spot in this paradise.

With a selection of islands to choose from, something that the Maldives...

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Great Island Resort on Meemu Atoll

Asia » Maldives » Meemu Atoll
11 February 2011
Meemu Atoll Maldives

In January I took my girlfriend for a romantic holiday to the Maldives and after a long flight from the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport we finally arrived.

We continued our journey to the Meemu Atoll by hydroplane which was the best scenic flight ever!

In total we stayed two weeks and enjoyed every single day of our time in the Maldives. It truly was a lazy holiday...

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Dreamy holiday at the Maldives

Asia » Maldives » Male
29 March 2010
The Maayafushi island from the plane. Male

If you visit the Maldives the first thing you have to do is to stick your head under the crystal clear water and admire all the colourfull fish swimming around crowding the stunning coral reefs known to decorate the underwater world of all the Maldive islands.

Here you'll find some of the planet's most gorgeous marine life and untouched reefs. It's easy to spot beautiful creatures...

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Giravaru Island Resort on Kaafu Atoll

Asia » Maldives » Giravaru
17 February 2010
Holiday photos from the Maldives Giravaru

I have never been to a travel destination like the Maldives before and to me it simply was a paradise on earth! The first sight of the Giravaru Island where we arrived after a 20 minutes boat ride was almost shocking and had a huge impact on me.

Giravaru is a small island resort on the Kaafu Atoll, near Male, the capital of the Maldives and you could probably walk around it in few minutes.

Giravaru has a beautiful vegetation and even more beautiful beaches. The sand is so white and you can cool off in the shades of the many palm trees which are full of coconuts. It made me just...

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Total relax at Moofushi Resort on Ari Atoll

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atholhu
10 February 2010
Sunset over Moofushi Resort Ari Atholhu

The Moofushi on Ari Atoll, one of the many islands of the Maldives is my version of paradise on earth. Stunning white beaches, beautiful ocean waters with a temperature of 28 degrees and colourful fish everywhere! This place truely seems like the perfect scenery for every cinema production.

When I arrived on Ari Atoll from Male the island seemed unrealistic and to good to be true...