Travel Blogs United Kingdom

Travel Blogs United Kingdom

Travel Blogs United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a country located in Europe. United Kingdom's capital is London and the currency is the Pound Sterling.

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Travel Blogs United Kingdom

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M&M World London Things To Do

Europe » United Kingdom » London
14 September 2011
London United Kingdom

Maybe it isn't the best tourist attraction in London according to Lonely Planet diehard travellers but to me and my boyfriend it was the most fun thing to do in London so a good enough reason to promote M&M World.

Just hop on the Piccadilly metro line or the Bakerloo metro line which both stop at Piccadilly Circus and you can easily walk there.

Free entrance...

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Italian Restaurant in London

Europe » United Kingdom » London
07 September 2011
London United Kingdom

Last saturday my wife and I celebrated our anniversary at the lovely Latium restaurant in northern Soho Londen where we had an excellent dinner and a taste of fine italian cuisine.

The service was impeccable and very elegant. We had a look in the open kitchen from our table which was beautifully decorated with flowers.

We started our meal with a crisp white wine...

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Touring Scotland by car

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland
22 July 2011
Scotland United Kingdom

Being married to an English man I had travelled many times to the United Kingdom but me and my husband had never been to Scotland so we decided to take out a month to discover this beautiful part of the UK.

We chose to travel for a full month meaning driving through Scotland so that we were able to visit different islands and explore as much of the country as possible and we were...

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Holiday in London

Europe » United Kingdom » London
01 June 2011
London United Kingdom

Two weeks ago I went on a short holiday to London and had an incredibile four days there. I don't know what it is but everytime I go to London I am so lucky with the weather!

At the moment I live in The Netherlands and the weather in the two countries is pretty similar but this holiday I had some extra luck because as soon as I landed in London the weather just changed immediately...

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Christmas Holiday in London

Europe » United Kingdom » London
29 November 2010
London United Kingdom

Eventhough Christmas might still be a month away I already got a taste of the traditional English Christmas celebrations in London last week.

I went to London on a short vacation with my girlfriend and the whole Christmas feel and atmosphere was amazing. Especially around Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus and Hyde Park the decorations were gorgeous.

Not to speak of the shopping district at night! The entire building of Harrods was draped in Christmas lights and of course London Bridge and London Eye were shining as always.