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Rizhao Environmental City

June 4th, 2011

It is on the list of one of the top 10 Envionmental cities of the world ( Amazing for China). The national water sports competiton is held here every 2 years.

The new area near the beach where this is held is fantastic!

Great city with the old and new and i was told this is where northern china people go to holiday.

Loved Hudsons Coffee and Bar: Expats, clean ( filtered water), imported wine, beer, steak etc. Found out there where to go and not go, great help !!

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Travel Tips for Rizhao China:

Where to stay in Rizhao: Days Hotel: also known as Royal Sovereinty Hotel or in Chinese Pinyin

What to do in Rizhao: Beach

Where to eat in Rizhao: Hudsons Coffee and Bar: Great ( real) western & chinese food )


Rizhao Weather

Light Rain
22 °C | 71.6 °F


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Name: George
Age: 42-49
Travel type: Business trip

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Rizhao Environmental City
Continent: Asia
Country: China
City: Rizhao
Period: May 2011
Lenght of stay: 5 days
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Travel Review

Liked: Hotel, Hudsons, beach, weather, mountains, views etc
Disliked: Being charged more by small shops because i was western
Trip Rating: Excellent

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