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Travel Blogs Las Vegas

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Las Vegas in Nevada, United States

Las Vegas is a city located in United States, North America.

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Las Vegas Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Las Vegas

12 May 2011
Las Vegas United States

When I was in Las Vegas with a group of friends we stayed at the Excalibur Hotel which was really cool. We loved hanging out at the Drenched Pool Side Bar and it was a great holiday.

The Excalibur Hotel is the Disney World Castle looking hotel and has its own casino like many of the hotels in Las Vegas but the rates are a lot more convenient than at the others.


05 May 2011
Las Vegas United States

My boyfriend, my brother, his girlfriend and myself decided to go to Las Vegas on our spring break holiday. We stayed at the MGM and even had a winning evening at the casino!

Las Vegas is definately my fave city outside LA and I love coming here with my girlfriends our my boyfriend.

From Las Vegas we rented a car to go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon which...

31 July 2010
Inside Luxor Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those travel destinations like Monaco and St. Tropez where nothing is too much and people like to flaunt what they have.

Las Vegas is also the city of luxurious hotels and the country's most exhilarating casinos all fighting for a little bit of attention on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Strip is the place to book your hotel deals as this is considered the boulevard of Vegas, the place where you go to spot and get seen.

Also tourists visiting Las Vegas love The Strip and make their choice of the many Las Vegas Hotels.

We stayed...

13 July 2010
Las Vegas United States

In 2005 me and my wife made a trip through the USA and started our adventure in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, amazing shows, beautiful fountains, impressive hotels and of course The Strip which won't ever bore you!

Most popular Las Vegas hotels on the strip can be booked in advance and this really is the place to be for tourists and visitors wanting to live the real Las Vegas experience.

We stayed at the world famous Bellagio hotel, without a doubt the most impressive hotel in Las Vegas with its gorgeous fountains and incredible decorations.


11 April 2010
Expression of Art in American Indian design. Las Vegas

After a long haul trip from Brisbane, Australia to Las Vegas.. we were buzzing to start to enjoy the night life of Vegas.. So many shows to see in such a short time.. we stayed up as long as we could before the jet lag set in...

Next day out of the Hilton hotel onto the mono rail to as far as we could go.. stepped off into the MGM huge hotel. Lions and happy people just out like us enjoying...