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Travel Blogs Greece

Travel Blogs Greece

Greece is a country located in Europe. Greece's capital is Athens and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Greece
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Travel Blogs Greece

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Samos Greece Holiday

Europe » Greece » Samos
12 July 2011
Samos Greece

This June we went to Greece for the summer holidays and stayed near the town of Pythagoreio on the island of Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chio.

We stayed at the Hydrele Beach Hotel in Potokaki near Pythagoreio which had a lovely pool and beautiful gardens surrounding the hotel.

At dinner time there was live music and the staff of the hotel was very...

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Zante Greece

Europe » Greece » Zante
03 May 2011
Zante Greece

Me and my wife travelled together with a group of friends to Zante in Greece. We enjoyed a lovely island holiday and had a wonderful stay.

One of the most toured and visited spots on Zante is Navagio Bay which is known for its shipwreck and dreamy Navagio Beach surrounded by turquoise water and edgy cliffs.

It is the kind of place that you will see in movies or...

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Romantic holiday in Santorini

Europe » Greece » Santorini
02 March 2011
Santorini Greece

Me and my boyfriend love Santorini and go there at least once a year to celebrate our anniversary, which might sound tacky, but we met on this gorgeous island five years ago and have alway had a great time there.

In our case the island of Santorini forms the perfect destination for a romantic holiday but just like when I came here for the first time with friends thousands of people...

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Nice stay in Santorini

Europe » Greece » Oia
08 October 2010
Oia Greece

In September my fiance and I combined a holiday in Athens, Greece with a relaxing stay at Santorini.

We stayed one week in Athens which was amazing with so much to see and booked a ferry from there to Santorini. Santorini was also nice but a week might by too long, especially for young couples who like to go out or meet other people to chat with.

We still had...

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Crete Island Greece

Europe » Greece » Crete
23 August 2010
Crete Greece

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the perfect travel destination for a well deserved holiday, at least that's what me and my friends decided.

Our plan was to rent a car as soon as we arrived in Crete and stop in various places touring the island and see as much as possible.

The place we stayed the longest would be Malia, a coastal town in the north of Crete...