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Travel Blogs France

Travel Blogs France

France is a country located in Europe. France's capital is Paris and the currency is the Euro.

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France Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs France

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Disney World Paris France

Europe » France » Paris
14 August 2011
Paris France

Me and my husband booked a holiday to Paris with the kids and took them to Disney World for one entire day turning this holiday into a great time away with the kids and some romance for us as well!

Paris was beautiful and we were really lucky with the flights as we found a flight from London to Paris for less than 100$ with KLM, a great opportunity to enjoy an extra vacation without spending loads of money.

Disney World was a great idea and our children loved the parades, and of course the life-size puppets of all their idols. Everything was arranged very well eventhough there...

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A week in Paris

Europe » France » Paris
27 July 2011
Paris France

For his 30th birthday I surprised by boyfriend with a trip to Paris two weeks ago and of course I myself couldn't wait to go there either.

We had always talked about visiting Paris and even bought that Lonely Planet city edition but somehow we always got so caught up in making other plans that we never went through with the initial plan.

On the morning of his...

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Paris Holiday in May

Europe » France » Paris
16 May 2011
Paris France

Hi everyone, last week I went on a holiday to Paris! It was my first time in Europe and the trip was a birthday surprise from my parents.

Together with my big sister Ashley I spent 5 days in the most romantic city in the world and it was amazing! Eventhough I wish we could have stayed longer..

The flight was with Delta and was pretty long, I guess it was something like 8 hours and I was so happy when we landed. We checked in at the Hotel Notre Dame Paris, a great hotel was a top location across the Notre Dame Cathedral and right at the river Seine.

Paris was...

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Saint-Tropez France Vacation

Europe » France » Saint-Tropez
09 April 2011
Saint-Tropez France

Saint-Tropez is the perfect place to go to when I feel a little off and need a serious break away from the city. Living in Marseille it's only a short car ride away and before you know it you have reached paradise on the French Riviera.

Of course Saint-Tropez is known as the land of luxury and stars but that doesn't mean that other people can't come here as well!


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From London to Paris Train Eurostar

Europe » France » Paris
22 March 2011
Paris France

The perfect and fastest way to get from London to Paris is by train and a ride with the Eurostar is far more comfortable than an hour on a plane of any lowbudget airline available.

In only two hours and 15 minutes my husband and I arrived at the train station of Paris Gare du Nord, maybe not as fast as a flight to Paris but you're right in the centre without having to take a cab...