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Travel Blogs France

Travel Blogs France

France is a country located in Europe. France's capital is Paris and the currency is the Euro.

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France Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs France

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Paris and Disneyland in one week

Europe » France » Paris
24 February 2010
Opera building in Paris. Paris

My trip to Paris was short but quite intense and during our stay of seven days we tried to visit as many attractions as possibile. We decided to take a tour guide to show us aroung the city which worked out great and we managed to see a lot of different sights.

The only thing we had to miss out on was Versailles. On our last day we had the choose between spending an afternoon at...

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Things to see and do in Paris

Europe » France » Paris
17 February 2010
Me as a real Parigienne! Paris

They say that Paris is the city of love and romance because of its enchaunting historic centre and refined taste. A visit to this beautiful city will convince you rightaway and make you one of its many admirers!

My six days in Paris weren't enough to see everything I wanted to see because for somebody as passionate about architecture and art like me there is so much to see and so many places to visit.

I tried to fit as many attractions, monuments and art works into our six day itinerary and I must say that, thanks to Paris' great public transport network, I managed to see a lot...

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A guided week tour in Paris

Europe » France » Paris
11 February 2010
Paris France

My trip to Paris was short but very intense at the same time. We spend a week in Paris and tried to see ad much as possible and I don't remember having walked this much in my entire life..

We had booked a guide to walk us through the city to see all the major touristic attractions and the only thing we didn't get to see was the Palace of Versaille. After spending six days of sight seeiing we had one last day left so we had to choose between Disney Land Paris and the Palace of Versaille, about 20 chilometers south west of Paris.

We decided to visit Versaille but unfortunately...

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Volunteer Work in Lourdes

Europe » France » Lourdes
09 February 2010
Pictures of volunteers in Lourdes Lourdes

Every year I volunteer in Lourdes and its everytime a beautiful experience Doing volunteer work in Lourdes is important and people are alwaus really grateful and keep thanking for the help we provide.

Volunteering in Lourdes I have met some amazing people with great hearts and a gift to help others. This year I met a new girl in the organization and we got along rightaway!