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Travel Blogs Morocco

Travel Blogs Morocco

Morocco is a country located in Africa. Morocco's capital is Rabat and the currency is the Moroccan Dirham.

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Map of Morocco
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Morocco Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Morocco

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Marrakech to Fes Desert Tours

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
05 February 2017
Marrakesh Morocco

Marrakech Desert Excursions is A travel agency located in Marrakech, has a team of professionals and expert guides, we organize trips and excursions throughout Morocco for more information, please visit us here:

Marrakech to...

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Merzouga Cameltrekking Bivouac

Africa » Morocco » Merzouga
18 January 2017
Merzouga Morocco

The sand ridges of Erg Chebbi is a conspicuous weird natural structure. On the summit of the plainest region you may envisage, abruptly a lengthy mountain of sand mounts. This mountain is encircled by plane and barren nature in all parts.

1. Sleeping in a nomad tent, bivouac in the dunes

You quit for a few hours for a hike across the dunes along the sunset captivating...

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Morocco Tours

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
01 December 2016

12 day in morocco visiting casablanca chefchaouen fes meknes sahara desert dades gorges and hight atlas, we finished...

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Africa » Morocco » Fes
11 November 2016
Fes Morocco


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Morocco Camel Trekking

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
03 November 2016
Marrakesh Morocco