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Travel Blogs Netherlands

Travel Blogs Netherlands

Netherlands is a country located in Europe. Netherlands's capital is Amsterdam and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Netherlands
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Travel Blogs Netherlands

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Hotel near the Airport of Eindhoven

Europe » Netherlands » Eindhoven
24 January 2011
Eindhoven Netherlands

If you´re looking for a hotel near Eindhoven Airport you have to stay at the Best Western Hotel of Eindhoven because it´s really pretty and the location is perfect with a bus stop practically at the entrance of the hotel.

There are two Best Western Hotels in Eindhoven so make sure you get to check into the one that is located near the train station.

From the hotel you can hop on the 401 Airport Shuttle which will stop at the bus stop in front of the Media Market Store just outside the hotel.

The room we stayed in, room 612, was really nice and clean with a...

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Where to Stay in Utrecht

Europe » Netherlands » Utrecht
13 December 2010
Utrecht Netherlands

At the moment I'm in Utrecht to do research for my MA and I will be staying here for the next three months. The Utrecht University is a great place and all the students are really nice and friendly.

In my first week in Utrecht I got the chance to explore some of the city center and of course the bars and restaurants where everyone is going!

I loved this bar called Winkel van Sinkel in the heart of Utrecht and it might be one of the most beautiful bars I've seen in Europe so far. It is enormous and always filled with people.

When you come to Utrecht make sure...

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Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2010

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
04 December 2010
Amsterdam Netherlands

I was in Amsterdam for the Sinterklaas day. This is a feast for Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Amsterdam. Every 5th of December in the whole Netherlands people are eating chocolate and exchanging gifts.

Last night I played a special Sinterklaas bingo and I won a lot of nice presents for Sinterklaas. In the last days it was really cold in Amsterdam and the streets were full of snow, it was beautiful.

While we were walking around in...

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Relaxing stay in Scheveningen

Europe » Netherlands » Scheveningen
29 October 2010
Scheveningen Netherlands

From The Hague we drove to the seaside resort of Scheveningen on the west coast of Holland. Scheveningen can be reached by car or public transport from The Hague where trams leave the main station, there is no seperate train station.

When we arrived in Scheveningen, mid October, it was kind of chilly but the weather was amazing and we had a lot of sunshine.


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The Hague weekend hotel deal

Europe » Netherlands » The Hague
28 October 2010
The Hague Netherlands

Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend spent a weekend in The Hague with friends and stayed at the NH Hotel which we found on a hot hotel deal through the internet.

We had never been to The Hague and we really liked it. We had a weekend of great weather, the hotel was very nice and we even made a trip to Scheveningen, the nearby getaway destination on the beach.