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Travel Blogs Netherlands

Travel Blogs Netherlands

Netherlands is a country located in Europe. Netherlands's capital is Amsterdam and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Netherlands
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Travel Blogs Netherlands

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Amsterdam canal boat rides

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
19 July 2010
Amsterdam Netherlands

I just came back from a city trip to Amsterdam with my friends. We stayed in the center of Amsterdam at the Victoria Hotel which is located on the Damrak, the main street leading from the Amsterdam Train Station to Dam Square.

One of the thing I had always wanted to do was go on one of the Amsterdam canal boat rides so when we arrived at the station and headed to our hotel, which actually is located next to the dock station of the canal boats, I knew we were going on a boat ride as soon as we had dropped our luggage at the hotel.

It was a splendid day to go on a canal ride and...

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Pictures of the Arnhem Zoo Holland

Europe » Netherlands » Arnhem
06 May 2010
Arnhem Netherlands

This week I had two of my nieces coming to stay with me and my husband so we decided to take them out on day trip to the zoo.

Searching on the internet I found the Arnhem Zoo to be really beautiful and it wasn't even to far away.

The site offers to book the tickets online with a reduction of a euro discount per person but we decided to wait for the weather to improve and just pay at the zoo.

We took the train to Arnhem Central Station and from here we took the bus to the Burgers Zoo. It was a bit hard to find the bus but after some asking around we got there!


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Natuurhistorisch Museum in Maastricht

Europe » Netherlands » Maastricht
08 April 2010
Fish inside the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Maastricht Maastricht

One of the most popular touristic attractions in Maastricht would be the Natuurhistorisch Museum, which is located at a two minute stroll from the main Vrijthof Square.

The museum is a collection of interesting geological and biological finds in the history of Limburg, the province of Maastricht.

You will be able to check out giant remains of mammuts and dinosaurs.

At the entrance of the museum you'll find a reconstruction of a dinosaur believed to have lived in the southern province of the Netherlands which is pretty impressive.

I can't...

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Easter in the centre of Maastricht

Europe » Netherlands » Maastricht
06 April 2010
Public art exposition on Vrijthof Square in Maastricht, The Netherlands Maastricht

We decided to spend our Easter monday in Maastricht, a beautiful medieval city in the province of Limburg, in the south of The Netherlands.

We took the train from Amsterdam with stops at Utrecht and Roermond. The total ride took us about three hours which was quite an experience because their were some small delays but in the end the trip went fine!

Maastricht is a gorgeous city and has a very welcoming feel about it. It kind of feels like you're crossing a border but in the end you're still in Holland, eventhough Maastricht is just about 5 chilometers away from Belgium.


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Dam Square and the Van Gogh museum

Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam
24 March 2010
Statue memorial The Unity on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Amsterdam

My friends and I wanted to go somewhere in Europe to spend a weekend away and had to choose from Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Budapest.

After a few days we decided to leave for the Netherlands to spend an unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam!

It was January 2007 and after a two hour flight we had arrived at Schiphol Airport. The hotel in Amsterdam was comfortable...