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Travel Blogs Cape Town

Travel Blogs Cape Town

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Cape Town in Western Cape, South Africa

Cape Town is a city located in South Africa, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Cape Town

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
27 September 2011
Cape Town South Africa

Like the Kruger National Park also the coastline and the city of Cape Town have their charme and a combination trip between wildlife safari's, coastal drives and city sightseeing would be the best way to explore South Africa.

The areas to visit from Cape Town are numerous and therefor make sure to spend at least a week around this impressive city.

Cape of Good...

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
08 September 2011
Cape Town South Africa

With our family we enjoyed an incredible safari holiday arranged with Kuoni and departing from Cape Town in South Africa. We had the holiday we had always dreamed of and I can really recommend this tour operator for their service and great quality in the travel industry.

Packages might cost a little more than with other travel agents but it is well worth it and we could not have...

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
18 July 2011
Cape Town South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with many faces and travelling to Cape Town one of the most popular and largest cities in South Africa you will notice that there are a thousand different ways to experience this part of the country.

I have been to South Africa in the beginning of 2011 in the mointh of January which is one of the best times to travel because of the great weather although prices can be rather high.

Stellenbosch and Cape Town were the two destinations I stayed at because I visited a collegue of mine who teaches at the Stellenbosch University.


Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
23 February 2011
Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is an amazing city and once we arrived there my husband and I started thinking about the tours we wanted to go on and the sites we wanted to see.

Table Mountain is known to be the landmark of Capetown as it dominates the cities beachview at Bloubergstrand but we could not wait to get to view the panorama from up above!

We went on an amazing Table Mountain...

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
22 November 2010
Cape Town South Africa

One of the things that makes Cape Town such a great travel destination is it's long summer lasting from November to February and it's 11 hours of sunlight a day.

We knew we wanted to skip rainy Autumn and had always had a passion for South Africa so spending three weeks of relaxation, wildlife spotting and taking in the South African culture sounded like the best medicine!