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Travel Blogs Brazil

Travel Blogs Brazil

Brazil is a country located in South America. Brazil's capital is Brasilia and the currency is the Brazilian Real.

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Map of Brazil
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Travel Blogs Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro Trip to Ilha Grande

South America » Brazil » Ilha Grande
01 March 2011
Ilha Grande Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one of those places you almost can't describe by writing about it and it really is a beautiful city with so many sides to it. Of course you will see the economic contrasts and the favela neighbourhoods spread all over town but there's something about this city that makes it really special.

Maybe it's the people, the weather, the bay or sugerloaf mountain, who knows,...

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Salvador da Bahia Hiking Trip

South America » Brazil » Salvador
01 March 2011
Salvador Brazil

The Bahia State lies in the northeast of Brazil and it's one of the most popular destinations withing the country for its mixture of cultures, great parties and splendid beaches.

Salvador da Bahia, or just Salvador, is the capital city of Bahia and the place to go if you're in for an all summer beach holiday with gorgeous weather, a beautiful bay filled with shiny boats and of course...

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Iguazu Falls guided tour

South America » Brazil » Iguazu River
17 November 2010
Iguazu River Brazil

When I was in Brazil I went on different trips and tours and one of the most spectacular ones for me was the guided tour to the Iguazu Falls which included a look of the falls from both sides, the platform in Brazil and in Argentina.

My Foz do Iguaçu excursion started at Iguazu Airport where my holiday in Brazil began. From the airport I was picked up by my travel guide and after...

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Rio de Janeiro Day Tour to Mt Corcovado

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
05 October 2010
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

In January I left for Rio de Janeiro where I signed up for volunteer work in a school together with a friend of mine. We both had finished our studies and wanted to explore the world so when our teacher told us about the possibility to do volunteer work in Brazil we both knew this was something for us.

We left in wintertime and arrived in exotic Brazil where summer seems to be the...

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Pictures of Sao Paulo

South America » Brazil » Sao Paulo
18 July 2010
Sao Paulo Brazil

Before heading to Porto Seguro we visited Sao Paulo where we spend three days after landing on Sao Paulo airport.

Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil and the main international airport where tourists arrive in the country and from where they travel up north up the coast, inland in direction of the Amazon, or southwards to visit other parts of South America.