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Travel Blogs Brazil

Travel Blogs Brazil

Brazil is a country located in South America. Brazil's capital is Brasilia and the currency is the Brazilian Real.

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Travel Blogs Brazil

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Spotting turtles on the beach of Costa do Sauipe

South America » Brazil » Salvador
15 March 2010
Pictures of a beach outside Salvador de Bahia. Salvador

I have been to Salvador de Bahia where I decided to visit the quarter of Pelurinio. In this area you will find out just how bad some conditions are in which the locals are forced to live.

But Brasil isn't just about poverty and poor quarters. There is a lot of beauty too. Just take a look at the colourful houses, the cheerful people and the amazing beaches of Costa do Sauipe.


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Sao Paulo and the Iguazu Waterfalls

South America » Brazil » Iguazu River
17 February 2010
Wild water rafting at the Iguazu Waterfalls Iguazu River

My trip to Brazil was great! I travelled together with my friend Claudio and in total we spend 24 days in Brasil. Eventhough we tried to travel as low budget as possibile we had a lot of fun and we managed to see a lot of nice places.

We took a flight from Milan to Sao Paulo where Sergio, our Brazilian friend, was waiting for us. It was great to spend a few days in Sao Paulo together...

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New Years Eve and Christmas in Brazil

South America » Brazil » Sao Paulo
08 February 2010
Pictures of Sau Paulo in Brasil Sao Paulo

My room mate in college is from Brasil and we had talked about making a trip to his home country for about the last four years so finally we decided to do it and all I can say is that we really made one of our dreams come true!

We went to Sao Paulo, the third largest city in the world and a really nice place to visit. You will enjoy the brazilian culture to the fullest and the interesting...

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Carnaval in the city of Salvador

South America » Brazil » Salvador
09 January 2010
Praco do Pelourinho in Salvador Salvador

Salvador on Brazil's east coast is famous for its excilirating carnaval, beautiful beaches and friendly locals. Lots of reasons for a bunch of backpackers like ourselves to jump on the first night bus!

One of my friends had a cousin living in Salvador who had invited the four of us to stay in his appartment for the weekend so we had no trouble with finding accomodation! Later we...

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Ubajara National Park and The Grotto

South America » Brazil » Ubajara
07 January 2010
Waterfalls in Ubajara National Park Ubajara

Ubajara might be the home to one of Brazil's smaller national parks but the nature in this area in the state of Ceara is really beautiful.

The Ubajara National Park is known for the freshwater falls and amazing limestone rock formations which arise high above the rainforest.

The most popular formation is called the Ubajara Grotto which can be accessed only by...