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Travel Blogs Indonesia

Travel Blogs Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in Asia. Indonesia's capital is Jakarta and the currency is the Rupiah.

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Map of Indonesia
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Travel Blogs Indonesia

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Bali Tropic Resort and Spa

Asia » Indonesia » Kuta
20 October 2011
Kuta Indonesia

If you are looking for a romantic destination with a very relaxing vibe to it than should consider Bali in Indonesia. This gorgeous island has a lot to offer while prices tend to be lower than for example in the US or in Europe.

Me and my husband went to Bali to celebrate our anniversary but we also had wanted to explore Indonesia for some time now.

We love Asia and have visited many countries in South East Asia simply because all the ingredients for a perfect holiday tend to come together here from the great weather and picture perfect beaches to the friendly people, the delicious...

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Tour of Jakarta by Bus

Asia » Indonesia » Jakarta Capital Region
24 March 2011
Jakarta Capital Region Indonesia

My husband and I joined a bus tour holiday in Indonesia together with a couple of our best friends. We stayed a few days in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and we also did several trips out of the city.

The only bad luck we had was with the weather which wasn't perfect but I must say that the rest of our vacation was very well organized and taken care off by the tour guides.


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Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

Asia » Indonesia » Yogyakarta
21 October 2010
Yogyakarta Indonesia

In September I've been to Indonesia with my fiance where we travelled to Yogayakarta on the southcoast of the island of Java.

Yogyakarta has a lot of beautiful places to see like the nearby Prambanan Temple Compounds with its dramatic scenery and beautiful temples.

We made a day trip from Yogyakarta to the Prambanan Temple site which is just a few km away. There...

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Best hotel in Ubud Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Ubud
07 August 2010
Ubud Indonesia

Last but not leat, Ubud. After a long journey and a lot of sightseeing in Indonesia hopping from island to island, this was going to be our finale destination before heading back home.

Ubud is located in central Bali and it's a beautiful place to finish a perfect holiday. There's a lot to see and do in Ubud that you will definitely spend your last days in this beautiful country the way you would want it, enjoying everything!

From Mount Batur we had travelled south to Ubud, not even a 30 km north of Denpasar from where we had booked our return flight via Kuala Lumpur.


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Mount Batur Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Batur
07 August 2010
Batur Indonesia

We made our last day trip from Lovina Beach to Mount Batur and the gorgeous Pura Tegeh Koripan Temple near Lake Batur.

The funny thing was that as we arrived at the temple a large procession was going on, making our trip to Mount Batur a little but more special.

Lake the temples at Lake Bratan and Lake Tamblingan the Pura Tegeh Koripan has the same Balinese towers...