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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country located in Asia. Sri Lanka's capital is Colombo and the currency is the Sri Lanka Rupee.

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Map of Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

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Ancient City Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka Tour

Asia » Sri Lanka » Polonnaruwa
19 October 2011
Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

Travelling from Colombo and passing Pinnawala I continued travelling in eastern direction and had crossed the centre of Sri Lanka when I reached Polonnaruwa.

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa is an important site in Sri Lanka and has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO as it is home to the ruins of an ancient Sri Lankan kingdom.

The ruins of Polonnaruwa date back to the Golden Age of Polonnaruwa when King Vijayabahu I declared it the capital city of Sri Lanka and built his Royal Palace there.

Today there are still remains of that palace and you will...

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Trip to Pinnawala Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Pinnawala
19 October 2011
Pinnawala Sri Lanka

The elephant orphanage in Pinnawala which is located northeast of Colombo and will take a bus or train ride to get there is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the elephants.

You can even help their trainers bath them and take pictures of the little elephants with their mothers.

The downside would be the many tourists who will probably share your...

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Sightseeing in Colombo Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Colombo
17 October 2011
Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and on your trip you will most likely arrive here and maybe spend a few days of sightseeing.

On my journey to and through Sri Lanka I have tried to see and experience as much as possibile but of course you tend to visit the places that others recommend or have visited before you.

Some of these places in and around Colombo...

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Hambantota Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Hambantota
23 June 2011
Hambantota Sri Lanka

Another train ride brought me to the southern coast of Sri Lanka leading from Bandarawela to Hambantota a coastal city near the Yala National Park which lies to its northeast.

And this national park was the exact reason of my stay in Hambantota since the Yala National Park is known as one of the best places to spot elephants and other Sri Lankan wildlife.

I travelled...

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Bandarawela Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Bandarawela
17 June 2011
Bandarawela Sri Lanka

Entering the Uva Province and leaving the Central part of Sri Lanka behind me the train I had travelled with had become my best friend and looking outside the window the landscapes had never dissapointed me.

I arrived at Bandarawela in the the Badulla District where it is known as the second largest city but also as an eco-friendly tourist destination for its beautiful and impressive waterfalls.

Most visited without a doubt are the falls of Ravana Ella located neat the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road and known for its 30 ft drop. The falls are also known as some of the widest in...