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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country located in Asia. Sri Lanka's capital is Colombo and the currency is the Sri Lanka Rupee.

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Map of Sri Lanka
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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

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Bandarawela Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Bandarawela
17 June 2011
Bandarawela Sri Lanka

Entering the Uva Province and leaving the Central part of Sri Lanka behind me the train I had travelled with had become my best friend and looking outside the window the landscapes had never dissapointed me.

I arrived at Bandarawela in the the Badulla District where it is known as the second largest city but also as an eco-friendly tourist destination for its beautiful and impressive waterfalls.

Most visited without a doubt are the falls of Ravana Ella located neat the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road and known for its 30 ft drop. The falls are also known as some of the widest in...

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Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Nuwara Eliya
27 May 2011
Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

From Kandy I travelled down south further into the Central Province and my next destination was Nanu Oya a small village with an important train station.

From Nanu Oya station it will take you less than ten minutes to reach Nuwara Eliya also known as the City of Light and the most important location for tea production in Sri Lanka.

I found it really nice to take...

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Pinnawala Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Pinnawala
26 May 2011
Pinnawala Sri Lanka

Pinnawala is best known for its elephant orphanage and therefor a popular Kandy day trip destination. You could also visit from Colombo or travelling from one city to another since Pinnawala is located pretty much in between the two.

From Kandy it took me less than an hour to get there and travelling by public transportation you also get to enjoy the view and take in everything that...

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Kandy Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Kandy
19 May 2011
Kandy Sri Lanka

From Dambulla I took the train to Kandy one the larger cities of Sri Lanka and also a former ancient capital. The train ride entering Kandy was beautiful because the city is located in the hills crossing numerous exotic tea plantations on your way.

In Kandy you will definately visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic which is an enormous temple complex and a very important religious site to Buddhists from all over the world.

For tourists coming to Kandy it is probably the most popular attraction to visit. The temple known for the tooth sanctuary where the relic of the tooth of Buddha...

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Dambulla Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Dambulla
17 May 2011
Dambulla Sri Lanka

From Sigiriya it wasn't a long trip to reach Dambulla the home of the largest cave temple complex in Sri Lanka and who knows entire Southeast Asia.

The cave temple complex in Dambulla is also the city's major tourist attraction and as soon as you enter this site you will understand why as discover the five out of 80 caves that have been opened to the public.