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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country located in Asia. Sri Lanka's capital is Colombo and the currency is the Sri Lanka Rupee.

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Map of Sri Lanka
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Travel Blogs Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Hettipola

Asia » Sri Lanka » Hettipola
04 March 2011
Hettipola Sri Lanka

Like many other Asian countries Sri Lanka has some beautiful historical archeological sites that you can visit like the temple ruins my boyfriend and I went to see near Hettipola, in northwestern Sri Lanka on our backpacking adventure through this amazing country.

Today the temple site is known as Panduwasnuwara and it was founded by King Parakramabahu the Great in the 12th Century...

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Negombo Sri Lanka excursions

Asia » Sri Lanka » Negombo
02 August 2010
Negombo Sri Lanka

I love Asia and about two years ago I left for a one year trip around this beautiful continent visiting a lot of different countries without having to experience them in a hurry.

To realize this dream of mine I had saved up some money and fortunately with Asia not being the most expensive continent I always managed to find some good deals for places to stay and excursions to sign...

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Pictures of Tissa and Yala National Park

Asia » Sri Lanka » Tissa
30 April 2010
Photo of an elephant in the Yala National Park, Sri Lanka Tissa

The Yala National Park which is situated near Tissa, also known as Tissamaharama, in the south of Sri Lanka and is a great place to spot wildlife.

We start our wildlife adventure in Tissamaharama where we prepared ourselves for the upcoming safari tours through the Yala National Park.

In Tissa we stayed at the Vikum Lodge, a low budget guesthouse which was perfect for us and even recommended by Lonely Planet as well.

We paid about three dollars per person a night which literally included not much more than a bed and a ventilator.

In the morning...