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Travel Blogs Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located in Asia. Vietnam's capital is Hanoi and the currency is the Dong.

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Map of Vietnam
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Travel Blogs Vietnam

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Emeraude Cruise Halong Bay

Asia » Vietnam » Ha Long
18 November 2010
Ha Long Vietnam

Our Vietnam holiday started in Ha Noi from where we travelled to Ha Long, known for its gorgeous Ha Long Bay, a mystic bay with lagoon greenish waters, ancient vietnamese vessels and impressive limestone rocks rising out of the water.

We had prebooked a cruise through Ha Long Bay with Emeraude cruises because we didn't wan't to hurry through this beautiful place but really enjoy...

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Old Town of Hoi An

Asia » Vietnam » Hoi An
19 July 2010
Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An is a popular stop on the backpackers trail and one of the places in Vietnam I travelled to.

Hoi An is known for its beautiful Old Town, or Ancient City quarter which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for being an important port which helped Vietnam flourish in the 15th Century.

This old part of Hoi An is also a very popular spot and most tourists follow this trail of local vietnamese shops, old traiding buildings and some nice bars and restaurants on the waterfront of Hoi An.

The trail through the old quarter of Hoi An is described in any...

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Hue, the Forbidden City of Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Hue
18 July 2010
Hue Vietnam

Hue is the monumental capital of Vietnam if you could call it that and it's no wonder UNESCO recognized the old historic walled city, also known as the forbidden city of Hue, a World Heritage Site.

Many years ago this citadel, or walled city, was the capital city of the Nguyen Empire and a place just for Vietnam's most priveleged people, the Nguyen emperors and their loved ones.


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Things to see in Hanoi

Asia » Vietnam » Hanoi
18 July 2010
Hanoi Vietnam

In April me and my boyfriend went to Vietnam to travel from Hanoi downsouth to Ho Chi Minh City from where we would take our return flight.

In total we travelled a month and a half through Vietnam which was completely amazing and so much better than I expected. I found it so easy to comunicate with people and find places to stay, to go to or to see.

Hanoi was great and after a day of serious recovery after our 14 hour flight we were ready to go and explore all the things to see in Hanoi.

Like all smart travelling we had purchased the Lonely Planet of Vietnam...

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Vinh Hung Riverside Resort & Spa-Hoi An

Asia » Vietnam » Hoi An
17 June 2010
Hoi An Vinh Hung Riverside Resort & Spa - Riverside Hoi An


Vinh Hung Riverside Resort & Spa is located right on the Thu Bon River, just a few minutes walk from the World Heritage site of Hoi An Town and set in superb locations of great natural charm with magnificent views of the sleepy and romantic Thu Bon River.

Here guests can enjoy the resort’s splendid blend of fine old Vietnamese traditions with superb modern...