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Travel Blogs Canada

Travel Blogs Canada

Canada is a country located in North America. Canada's capital is Ottawa and the currency is the Canadian Dollar.

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Travel Blogs Canada

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Niagara Falls Tour Canada

North America » Canada » Niagara Falls
03 December 2010
Niagara Falls Canada

Yesterday my classmates and I went on a field trip to the Niagara Falls which was pretty awesome. The tour was a lot of fun and and we drove up there from Saint Catharines by bus.

I had been to the Niagara Falls before with my parents but I never had been on the actual boat trip beneath the falls so that was really exciting and adventurous.

The bus ride took about...

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Park lodges in Alberta Canada

North America » Canada » Jasper
12 October 2010
Jasper Canada

This year my and family and I went on an adventurous holiday to Canada where our journey started at the Banff National Park, near Jasper, Alberta.

Because we had a rental car it was easy to move from one place to another and it we could design our stay in Canada the way we wanted to.

The main goal of our trip was to spot some Canadian wildlife and of course admire the beautiful landscapes.

In the state of Alberta alone there are several national parks that are well worth a visit like the Jasper National Park, the Banff National Park, Yoho National Park and the...

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Winter in Toronto

North America » Canada » Toronto
01 August 2010
Toronto Canada

This February I went to visit my friend in Toronto, Canada. I had never been to Canada before so I was quite excited about my trip. Besides the fact that it was great to see my friend again I really liked my stay in Toronto eventhough it was really cold.

Luckily she told me winter time in Canada can be quite extreme so I had packed my entire winter wardrobe and I was happy I did!


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Vancouver Island orca watching

North America » Canada » Vancouver
21 July 2010
Vancouver Canada

This May me and my boyfriend left for a cross Antlantic trip to Canada to visit some of his relatives who had moved to Vancouver a few months before.

Our plan was to stay a few days in Vancouver to see some important tourist attractions, spend time with the family and enjoy the luxury of being on a holiday and explore the cities best restaurants and places to relax.


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Visiting Montreal in wintertime

North America » Canada » Montreal
30 March 2010
Shopping centre in Montreal, Canada. Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city with friendly people and a beautiful landscape.

Luckily for me my mother is Canadian so we go there at least twice a year to pay a visit to my relatives, especially because my aunt still lives in Montreal.

Because of the great distance from Europe we always stay a couple of months to spend some time with the family and see some different...