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Travel Blogs Canada

Canada is a country located in North America. Canada's capital is Ottawa and the currency is the Canadian Dollar.

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Travel Blogs Canada

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The Banff National Park Hot Springs

North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
Driving through Banff National Park Calgary

The Banff National Park is located about 100 kms west from Calgary and is Canada's oldest national park. The little town of Banff which gave this area its name is located close to Lake Minnewanka and forms the commercial hub of the national park.

Besides Lake Minnewanka there are Lake Louise, Two Jack Lake, Lower Consolation Lake, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake and many other lakes surrounding...

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Pictures from the Calgary Tower

North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
Canada from the airplane Calgary

Calgary is located in Alberta, one of the southern states of Canada and home to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains. The city of Calgary has developed a lot during the last few decades and is home to a fast growing CBD and an interesting melting pod of different cultures and influences in its downtown region.

Calgary has five main neighbourhoods with the most action going on in...