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Travel Blogs China

China is a country located in Asia. China's capital is Beijing and the currency is the Yuan Renminbi.

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Travel Blogs China

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Visit Chengdu Panda Reserve China

Asia » China » Chengdu
15 August 2011
Chengdu China

Chengdu in Southwest China is known for its Panda Reserve and a beautiful city in general that a lot of people visit on their way to visit Tibet or other places in China.

Besides the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base which is probably the number one tourist attraction in Chengdu and China as well because of its amazing programmes there are numerous of interesting places...

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Journey to Tibet

Asia » China » Tibet
11 August 2011
Tibet China

Some travel experiences will mark you for the rest of your life and I have no doubts about the fact that the world is filled with stunning destinations but my journey to Tibet has simply blown me away.

My visit to Tibet was part of a trip to different countries of Asia and started in Chengdu the homeland of the panda and a beautiful place to visit in Central China but not the destination...

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Rizhao Environmental City

Asia » China » Rizhao
04 June 2011

It is on the list of one of the top 10 Envionmental cities of the world ( Amazing for China). The national water sports competiton is held here every 2 years.

The new area near the beach where this is held is fantastic!

Great city with the old and new and i was told this is where northern china people go to holiday.

Loved Hudsons Coffee and Bar: Expats,...

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Day Trip to the Zoo in Beijing

Asia » China » Beijing
16 March 2011
Beijing China

During my eight days in Beijing, where I travelled to for business, I managed to see a lot of this beautiful city and really got a taste of China eventhough my schedule was rather tight.

There's at least one day trip in Beijing that you should sign up for and that's the one to the Beijing Zoo, one of the best places to spot the native panda!

Sure, it has become...

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Beijing Great Wall Cycling Trip

Asia » China » Beijing
25 November 2010
Beijing China

The Beijing Cycling Tour I went on during my stay in China lasted for seven days and was such a surprising way to do sightseeing.

I had never been on a cycling tour before and would recommend it to anyone travelling to Beijing. The cycling tour started in the centre of Beijing, the capital city of China where we visited several important sites.

I joined the other...