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Travel Blogs China

China is a country located in Asia. China's capital is Beijing and the currency is the Yuan Renminbi.

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Travel Blogs China

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Yangshuo China Rock Climbing Paradise

Asia » China » YangshLIO
16 November 2010
YangshLIO China

Yangshuo Town lies in the Yongshuo County and is known for its amazing rock scenery and great climbing. Besides rock climbing, the main extreme sport that keeps drawing adventure seekers to Yangshuo, or YangshLIO, there are also a lot of other exciting day trips you can go on and places you can see.

I travelled to Yangshuo with two of my best friends and I might be a climbing freak, they aren't that passionate about the rocks so while I went on a guided rock climbing tour they had their pick of rafting trips, hiking adventures and other boat rides and cave exploration stuff.


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Travel to Tibet

Asia » China » Lhasa
28 October 2010
Lhasa China

After graduating earlier this year I started working as much as I could doing all kinds of shifts to save up enough money for the trip of a lifetime, at least for me.

I graduated in Chinese Studies and after a very interesting internship of three months in Beijing I wanted to go back there to explore a different part of China, the autonomous region of Tibet.


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Trip to the great wall of China

Asia » China » Changping
05 October 2010
Changping China

This September me and my wife joined an organized trip to China. The holiday lasted for three weeks and included accomodation and flight.

We stayed in Beijing and toured around the city by bus to visit popular touristic attractions and cultural sites.

We had a Chinese and English speaking guide which joined us on all of the bus trips.

The most...

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Beijing travel guide

Asia » China » Beijing
13 September 2010
Beijing China

From Shanghai we travelled to Beijing, the capital city of China and a very important metropolis in the northern part of the country.

Considering the great distances and the size of a republic like China we decided no to go for a 15 hours road trip to get from Shanghai to Beijing by car but simply hop on a plane.

Beijing lies over 1200 km north of Shanghai and...

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Trip to Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai
12 September 2010
Shanghai China

This May my family and I went to China for a three weeks round trip. We firs travelled to Shanghai, in the eastern part of China and from here we continued our journey to Beijing, Pinyao, Xian and Yangshuo.

I started this travel blog to share my travel stories and pictures with other people who might want to visit China as it truly is a gorgeous country.

I have...