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Travel Blogs China

China is a country located in Asia. China's capital is Beijing and the currency is the Yuan Renminbi.

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Travel Blogs China

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Beijing and the Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing
24 July 2010
Beijing China

This winter we were in China for two months with friends to explore Beijing and the Forbidden City in the northern part of China.

The Forbidden City of Beijing served as the royal palace of the Chinese Empire and lasted several dynasties.

Today the Forbidden City houses the Palace Museum of Beijing and forms a popular touristic attraction for its rich history,...

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Trip to Tibet

Asia » China » Tibet
19 July 2010
Tibet China

How to plan a trip to Tibet? Tibet is an amazing region of Asia and one of the most challinging hiking destinations. Some people go to Tibit on a spiritual trip others simply want to gaze the amazing plain or are in search of a new travel adventure.

Answering the first question, How to plan a trip to Tibet, starts with this travel goal because that way you can plan your trip along...

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New Years Eve in Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai
23 March 2010
The skyline of Shanghai, China. Shanghai

A couple of years ago a friend of mine invited to celebrate New Years Eve at his place, in Shanghai!

This obviously was an offer I wasn't going to refuse so I packed my bags and took a flight to China.

Eventhough today my trip to Shanghai is a distant memory I will never forget the amazing ten days I spend there. I stayed in Shanghai from the 27th od Dicember...

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The colours and landscapes of Tibet

Asia » China » Tibet
12 March 2010
The immense landscapes of Tibet, China. Tibet

You will find Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, at the end of a long road which starts all the way up in Chengdu, in China.

But besides that main road the two countries do not have very much in common except for the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

You can travel along Sichuan Road for thousands of kilometers crossing the rural Chinese landscape over to the high Tibetan...

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An impressive week in Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai
03 March 2010
Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai. Shanghai

In july of 2005 I had to make a trip to China for work and had the opportunity to spend a week in Shanghia.

The flight from Franfurt in Germany to Shanghai took about twelve hours and eventhough I was pretty tired upon arrival the beauty of this city kept me gazing around.

Shanghai can be devided into the older city and the modern CBD filled with skyscrapers and...