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Travel Blogs Japan

Japan is a country located in Asia. Japan's capital is Tokyo and the currency is the Yen.

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Travel Blogs Japan

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Japanese language school experience

Asia » Japan » Hirakata
21 September 2010
Hirakata Japan

My time in Japan was the best of my life and I would suggest leaving for a study abroad experience to anyone who is passionate about learning a new language, especially when it concerns a language as Japanese.

I signed up for the Japanese language school experience after browsing every possible forum on the internet and after having read only positive reviews from people who did.


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Tickets to Space World Japan

Asia » Japan » Yahatahigashi-ku
04 September 2010
Yahatahigashi-ku Japan

I just returned from a two months internship in Japan which was arranged by my university. I left for Japan in July and flew back a few days ago.

I had a great study experience and I met a lot of nice and interesting people with whom I hope to keep in touch.

During the last week of my inyternship our project manager even surprised us with tickets to Space World!


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Tokyo Disneyland photos

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
27 August 2010
Tokyo Japan

In 2008 me and my family stayed in Tokyo for a holiday and the kids adored our visit we paid to Disneyland Tokyo that I decided to post those pictures on this blog so maybe other families can get an idea of how great this place is if you're travelling with kids.

We stayed in Tokyo for about three weeks because of my work and in the weekend we did all sorts of trips to get to see...

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Zenkoji Temple Nagano

Asia » Japan » Nagano City
18 August 2010
Nagano City Japan

From Tokyo we went to Nagano, the city that hosted the 1998 Olympic Winter Games and as soon as we arrived at Nagano Station we spotted a poster dedicated to these games, showing how the hosting changed perspectives for Nagano.

We stayed at the Nagano Holiday Inn Express and after checking out our rooms and leaving our luggage we went out for some sightseeing around town.


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Imperial Palace Tokyo Japan

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
18 August 2010
Tokyo Japan

For our second time on the bullet train we took the Shinkansen from Odawara to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It took us only 34 minutes to get to Tokyo aboard the Shinkansen train and we had arrived before we knew it.

Tokyo is an incredible city that every dedicated traveller should visit at least once and being the capital of Japan a visit to this beautiful country isn't complete...