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Travel Blogs Mexico

Travel Blogs Mexico

Mexico is a country located in North America. Mexico's capital is Mexico City and the currency is the Mexican Peso.

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Map of Mexico
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Travel Blogs Mexico

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Tours and Excursions from Playacar

North America » Mexico » Playa del Carmen
10 March 2010
One of the seven world wonders in Mexico. Playa del Carmen

We left for a trip to Mexico in the month of November. We decided to stay in Playacar and I would recommend everybody else who is planning a trip to Mexico to book their accomodation in either Playacar or Playa del Carmen because of the ideal location.

Both these towns are close to all the holiday action and you could easily rent a bike or go on a walk outside your holiday resort.


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The ancient Maya sites around Akumal

North America » Mexico » Akumal
05 March 2010
Photos of the site of Tulum, Mexico. Akumal

During our holiday in Mexico we stayed at the Akumal Beach Resort in Akumal, south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Akumal is also pretty close to Tulum, famous for its impressive Maya remains.

On one of the travel pictures you can actually see the site of Tulum looking out over the amazing Caribbean Sea.

The resort was actually pretty nice and not as huge as most...

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From Mexico City to Cancun

North America » Mexico » Mexico City
24 February 2010
Teotihuacan in Mexico Mexico City

The month I spend in Mexico was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to learn more about the culture of the ancient Mayan and Aztec people.

Together with two of my friends I left for Mexico City from where we would start our big adventure. Exactly a month later we returned from Cancun.

In one month we visited many archeological sights and relaxed on...

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The beauty of Isla Cozumel

North America » Mexico » Isla Cozumel
22 February 2010
Beautiful mayan pyramids Isla Cozumel

The island of Cozumel itself is not very big, but it still is called Mexico's largest island. On the island you can do lots of fun stuff like snorkeling and diving as the reefs there are amazing.

You also can swim with dolphins or you can relax on the beautifull beaches. From the islands surrounding Isla Cozumel I would recommend visiting Passion Island which isn't very far away....

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The Maya temple pyramids in Yucatan

North America » Mexico » Yucatan
10 February 2010
Temple tour in Yucatan Yucatan

Yucatan is definitely a place to visit and there are some beautiful places to see. The best thing would be to explore the ruins and sights of Yucatan first and maybe add a relaxing stay on the white sand beaches of Playacar later because all the sight seeing can be quite exhausting.

Another advise would be to pay for tours when you're in Mexico instead of booking an all inclusive...