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Travel Blogs Russia

Travel Blogs Russia

Russia is a country located in Asia. Russia's capital is Moscow and the currency is the Russian Ruble.

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Map of Russia
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Travel Blogs Russia

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Kizhi Island Cruise Russia

Asia » Russia » Kizhi
30 November 2011
Kizhi Russia

Our next stop was Kizhi Island to visit the historical site of Kizhi Pogost which is known for its beautiful location on Lake Onega and traditional wooden constructions.

The site is home to two churches which are known as the Church of the Transfiguration and the Intercession Church, both incredible constructions with beautiful domes. Another feature worth visiting is the bell-tower....

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River Cruise St Petersburg to Mandrogi

Asia » Russia » Werchnije Mandrogi
21 November 2011
Werchnije Mandrogi Russia

From St Petersburg we made a trip to the village of Werchnije Mandrogi by boat. The river cruise on the Svir Riverwas really nice and we had some great sightseeing on our way to this fairytale-like island village.

Werchnije Mandrogi is a former fishing village located about 280 km northeast of St Petersburg near the town of Podporozhye in the Leningrad Province and serves as a local...

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2 Day Stay in St Petersburg

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
13 November 2011
St Petersburg Russia

After spending a night in Dusseldorf my wife and I left for our flight to St Peterburg where we would spend the first 2 days of our stay in Russia.

We love Russia and visited St Petersburg for the first time three years ago as we were invited by some of our friends to join us on a cruise.

This time we planned a couples holiday with just us two to revisit the places...

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Trans Siberia Express Train Moscow

Asia » Russia » Moscow
09 September 2011
Moscow Russia

The Trans Siberia Express Train to Russia, China, Tibet and Nepal will first bring you to the city of Moscow and where your Siberian adventure will take off.

The train ride to Moscow for us very comfortable and we even met some nice people from Sweden travelling in the same direction so we shared some laughs and played cards toghether.

We made a pit stop in Belarus to change the wheels of the train which wasn't planned but didn't bother us that much and gave us plenty of time to decide on where to go once in Moscow so that sightseeing was well arranged!

We took...

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Summer Holiday in Moscow Russia

Asia » Russia » Moscow
04 August 2011
Moscow Russia

Moscow is one of my favourite cities in the whole world and I find it so fascinating that a country like Russia which knows an extreme winter climate has a warmer summer than we have back in the UK.

I was born in Russia but moved to London at the age of ten because my parents decided to change their lifes for the better. Eventhough I feel as english as my friends a little piece of...