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Travel Blogs Cuba

Cuba is a country located in South America. Cuba's capital is Havana and the currency is the Cuban Peso.

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Travel Blogs Cuba

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Holiday in Cuba 2011

South America » Cuba » Havana
09 June 2011
Havana Cuba

If anywhere this Summer go to Cuba on your holiday because it really has everything you can expect from your destination. My husband and I spent a lovely 5 days in Havana and from there travelled to other places on the island, from the jungle to the coast.

This blog I only uploaded some pictures of Havana City and some photos of Santa Clara, known for the Che Guevara monument. We...

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Hotel Ambos Mundos Havana

South America » Cuba » Havana
18 May 2011
Havana Cuba

A hotel I could recommend in Havana Cuba is Hotel Ambos Mundos where I stayed together with my boyfriend during our holiday there.

Our room wasn't that big but the location of the hotel was very good and the breakfast excellent. Our room had a great view as we looked out over the old town of Havana.

The hotel had 24/7 bar access which was great when we came back at night and wanted to sit, relax and have a drink. The whole atmosphere of the hotel takes you back to the 1940s...

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5 Days of Holiday in Havana Cuba

South America » Cuba » Havana
28 April 2011
Havana Cuba

Finally a well deserved beach holiday in Varadero a great resort town in Cuba where me and my girlfriends indulged in a very laidback and exotic lifestyle, a dream come true!

From the beach we moved to Havana for our last 5 days of culture sniffing in the capital city of Cuba.

Havana is a completely different area to travel to and really shouldn't be missed on a holiday in Cuba but I guess the city break meets beach holiday is the best and winning combination!

Architecture lovers and colonial and baroque admirors will love Havana for its gorgeous cathedrals...

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Ten days stay in Havana Cuba

South America » Cuba » Havana
15 March 2011
Havana Cuba

Just been to Cuba to visit my sister who lives in Havana and we had a great time acting like tyical tourists :) We stayed for a total of ten days at the hotel resort where my sister works which was all very good.

I had never been to Cuba before and I was really curious to see Havana which is pretty much the centre of Cuban tourism and the commercial heart of the country.


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Travel to Cuba from US

South America » Cuba » Holguin
01 December 2010
Holguin Cuba

In September of this year I travelled to Cuba for a great business opportunity, if not travel experience. Back at my job in the US my boss offered my and two of my other collegues the chance to partecipate in an exchange programme with a small Cuban company, based in Holguin.

The contract lasted three months and me personally I didn't even have to think about it! The whole experience was amazing.

I got to stay with a more than friendly and welcoming Cuban family, since the husband of the couple was the director of the company I would be working for.

They made...