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Travel Blogs Italy

Travel Blogs Italy

Italy is a country located in Europe. Italy's capital is Rome and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Italy
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Italy Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Italy

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Great Hotel in Caserta Italy

Europe » Italy » Caserta
20 July 2011
Caserta Italy

Hello everyone! I'm Angela from Naples and I would like to share a short trip with you which I made earlier this month to Caserta, a city located north of Naples and home to one of the best shopping outlets in Italy, the La Reggia Outlet.

Every now and then me and my friends go there to do some shopping but twice a year we go for the weekend since there are the mega sales ( first week of January and first week of July) and this is probably where you want to do your shopping.

Eventhough Caserta isn't too far away from Naples we always spend a girls weekend out so this year we booked...

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Romantic Trip to Venice in Italy

Europe » Italy » Venice
24 June 2011
Venice Italy

I got the idea to share this blog with all the romantic soles out there looking for the perfect destination because I myself fell in love with Venice as I visited this beautiful city on the water for the first time last year.

I had been to Italy before but Venice like any other city in Italy surprised me, again and that's what I love about this country! Whether you will travel to...

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Relais Parco del Subasio in Assisi

Europe » Italy » Assisi
21 June 2011
Relais Parco del Subasio Agriturismo Assisi Assisi

Assisi is a lovely place and surrounded by greenery you will find the Agriturismo Relais Subasio Park.

The apartment where we were was new, attention to all details and missing anything. A shame I only stayed a few days, would have been great for a week.

Park Farm Hotel ..

Marcello is a wonderful person and you do not miss anything.


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Venice Italy

Europe » Italy » Venice
23 May 2011
Venice Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world, not just in Italy or Europe but if you ask me it really ranks high in the top best places in the world.

To create the ultimate surprise for our anniversary I booked two tickets to Italy and I arranged a romantic week of gondola rides and Italian food to spoil my wife.

Well she was over the moon! I could not...

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Valley of the Temples Agrigento Sicily

Europe » Italy » Agrigento
09 May 2011
Agrigento Italy

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is a beautiful place to visit in Sicily and it was also one site I really wanted to include in my travel experience.

I rented a car and toured the island of Sicily in the south of Italy for one week and it really was a marvelous week. I had the chance to visit places like Palermo, Siracusa, Agrigento, Catania, Erice and other incredible places.