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Travel Blogs Thailand

Travel Blogs Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Asia. Thailand's capital is Bangkok and the currency is the Baht.

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Map of Thailand
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Travel Blogs Thailand

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Getting Around in Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
05 January 2010
City view of Bangkok traffic Bangkok

In Bangkok there are several transportation options and depending on your budget, the distances to travel and your personal preferences you can choose to walk, bike, drive or hop on a boat, tuk tuk, sky train, longtail, motor taxi, bus or subway. Have your pick!

First of all the tuk tuk, the invention of a century if you're the adventurous type because these low budget runners whil...

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River Trips with the Mae Nam Chao Phraya Express

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
05 January 2010
Looking out on the Bangkok River Bangkok

The Mae Nam Chao Phraya river in Bangkok is great tourist attraction and every day thousands of people are guided up and down the river. You can catch the Chao Phraya Express at several piers and cruise in northern or southern direction.

Most northbound boats go as far up as the Tha Nonthaburi pier and in the south the last terminal is likely to be the Tha Sathon, also called Central...

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Walking Tour through Chinatown in Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
05 January 2010
Taxi's driving through Bangkok Bangkok

There are a lot of Chinese people living in Bangkok and a great way to get so see something of the Chinese Temples is to do a walking tour. Just grap a map from a visitors centre or use your Loney Planet.

Bangkok's Chinatown is called Yaowarat and in here you'll find some of the strangest collection of shops, markets and neighbourhoods. There are a million of sois, little streets...

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The Temples of the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
05 January 2010
The Grand Palace in Bangkok Bangkok

The most important tourist attraction in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. This complex of amazing buildings used to be the home of several Thai Kings like King Rama I who reigned the country when the construction of the Grand Palace initiated in 1782.

When you walk through this historic place you can almost feel the importance and the sacredness of the different temples in the Grand Palace. Offerings are brought daily and flowers and gold can be purchased at the entrance of the temple.

Tourists are allowed to take pictures inside the Grand Palace and in case you forget the gift shop...

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The Night Safari at the Chiang Mai Zoo

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
31 December 2009
The Night Safari Shuttle in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, the Night Safari at the Zoo is an all times favourite and we had the best time ever! From the zoo shuttle you will be able to spot the animals in front and some of them even came a little bit too close.

The Safari Shuttle drives you through the zoo late at night when the animals become more active and you can see their natural behaviour. The safari is divided in two different routes, The Savannah Safari with animals whos habitat is the African Savannag like wildebeasts, rhinoceroces, zebra's and giraffes and then there's the Predator's Prowl the carnivorous zone where you'll be cruising...