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Travel Blogs Thailand

Travel Blogs Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Asia. Thailand's capital is Bangkok and the currency is the Baht.

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Map of Thailand
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Thailand Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Thailand

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Death Railway Bridge over the River Kwai

Asia » Thailand » Kanchanaburi
03 February 2010
The Railway close to the temple Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a popular place for touristis who want to go trekking and see a bit more of the rural Thai landscape. Kanchanaburi offers a great deal of sightseeing and played an important role in the Japanese occupation of Thailand during WWII.

During this period the world famous Thailand-Burma railway, now known as the Death Railway, was initiated. During the construction of...

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Wat Lam Chang and Wat Pan Ping

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
03 February 2010
Wat Lam Chang in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

The temples of Wat Lam Chang and Wat Ban Ping are both located right of Tha Ratchapnakhinai in the eastern part of the old city of Chiang Mai.

These temples might be smaller but have a strong historical value to the city of Chiang Mai. Wat Lam Chang was constructed in the period of King Phaya Mung Rai and is located in an area of the old city where the elephants who once used to transport the king were held. After the contruction of Chiang Mai this wooden area used as a feeding ground for the elephants was turned into a sacred temple ground.

If you take a look around Wat Lam Chang...

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The Wat Chiang Man Temple in Chiang Mai

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
03 February 2010
Outside Wat Chiang Man Chiang Mai

Wat Chiang Man is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai and located on Tha Ratchaphakhinai that runs from the north eastern part of the old city of Chiang Mai to the south. You can visit the temple between 9 am and 5 pm.

The Wat Chiang Man temple has beautiful red, gold and painted murals which are a symbol to decorate the temple and honor its founding father, Phaya Mengrai.


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Day trip from Ko Lanta to Ko Kradan

Asia » Thailand » Ko Kradan
02 February 2010
Arriving on Ko Kradan Ko Kradan

Ko Lanta is another great Thai island and just like Ko Lipe is it a great place to explore some smaller islands by doing day trips. I heard a lot about Ko Kradan being one of the most beautiful islands of this region so I booked a day tour from Ko Lanta to Ko Kradan.

On the way to Kradan which lies within the Hat Chao Mai National Park the driver stopped for some snorkeling at Ko Chueak. Ko Chueak is a giant rock formation which rises out of the sea and home to a giant bat colony. These enormous bats hang in the branches growing out of the rocks and make a terrible noice. The good thing about Ko...

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Climbing the Golden Mount of Wat Saket

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
02 February 2010
Buddhist altars close to the fort Bangkok

Walking around Bangkok you will see so many interesting things that it becomes hard to exactly follow a map or travel guide. Even if you might find yourself lost in the middle of a chaotic nowhere there is always something new to discover in this amazing city.

On one of our walks along Thanon Rachadamnoen Klang, one of the busiest streets in Bangkok close to Wat Ratchanatdaram we...