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Travel Blogs Thailand

Travel Blogs Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Asia. Thailand's capital is Bangkok and the currency is the Baht.

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Map of Thailand
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Travel Blogs Thailand

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Erawan Waterfalls National Park near Kanchanaburi

Asia » Thailand » Kanchanaburi
14 January 2010
The 7 tiers of the Erawan Waterfalls Kanchanaburi

In Kanchanaburi we stayed at Apple's Guesthouse which was recommended by the Lonely Planet guide and a very popular low budget accomodation choice. I tried calling weeks ahead but it initially it seemed the place was fully booked. After recalling a few times we found out the guesthouse in Kanchanaburi would be able to book us a cabin.

Apple's Guesthouse is a fine place to stay and I honestly don't think you'll find a better place for this price. We paid less than 10 dollars for the cabin. Of course the room wasn't too luxurous and you had to invent something yourself to make the toilet flush..At...

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Hotels in Bangkok with a great location

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
13 January 2010
River view from Bangkok hotel Bangkok

During our holiday in Bangkok we stayed at the Hilton Hotel and sure didn't regret our choice. After some of the traveling I did in the world I can still say that the Hilton Hotel in Bangkok has my preference and is without a doubt the best hotel I ever stayed in.

The service is impeccable, their food to good to be true, the rooms beautiful and clean and the location perfect. The...

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Pictures of New Years Eve on Ko Phi Phi

Asia » Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don
10 January 2010
Arriving by boat in Ko Phi Phi Ko Phi Phi Don

For New Years Eve we headed to Ko Phi Phi by boat from Phuket. Arriving on the popular island the place was filled with tourists who easily outnumbered the locals.

The beach upon arrival didn't looked to pretty and I'd expected way to much of Ko Phi Phi. There are some awesome beaches around Phi Phi like the o so famous bay of the movie The Beach but unfortunatley a lot of that original...

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Hairy Crab Tour on Ko Similan

Asia » Thailand » Ko Similan
10 January 2010
The forests on Ko Similan Ko Similan

On the Similan Islands there's more than beautiful beaches and when you're staying on this little paradise there's a big chance you'll get to see some impressive island wildlife too.

On the Similan Island there are a lot of crabs going by the name of the similan hairy crabs and the size of these animals is pretty impressive. You can take a night tour departing from the islands reception with an experienced guide to try and find some of these not even too hairy creatures.

Torches are provided by the tour guide and it is advised to stick together as the paths running through the...

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Pictures of Wat Yai Chaimongkhol in Ayutthaya

Asia » Thailand » Ayutthaya
08 January 2010
The Wat Yai Chaimonkhol monastery Ayutthaya

The best way to visit the impressive monastery of Wat Yai Chaimongkhol is by tuk tuk. The driver will bring you in front of the Wat so you can spend some time walking through the temples and old ruins of Wat Yai Chaimongkhol.

This monastery was build by King Naresuan the Great to celebrate after an important battle which the king himself claimed to have won single handly for the...