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Bathroom window Manyara Tanzania Anti mosquito window nets in Tarangire Treetops Manyara Tanzania Tarangire Treetops Lodge House Manyara Tanzania Looking out over to our private tree house balcony Treetops Manyara Tanzania Treetops Bathroom Manyara Tanzania
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20 September 2013
Our stay at Tarangire Treetops was wonderful and maybe it's even my favourite accomodation of the Elewana Collection, I just could not find anything negative about this place! We requested the tree house which is used in the Elewana Collection ad for Tarangire Treetops and the staff remembered my email about that so that was a great way to check in, they really payed attention to detail and you...
Romantic dinner at Tarangire National Park Manyara Tanzania Buffet Dinner at Tarangire National Park Manyara Tanzania Beautiful dinner setting around the fireplace Manyara Tanzania Staff at Tarangire Treetops Manyara Tanzania Great food at Treetops Manyara Tanzania
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20 September 2013
Upon arrival at the Tarangire Treetops Lodge we were welcomed by the amazing staff with some fresh towels and we immediately felt at home. The day could not have ended in a better way and after an exciting game drive with Elly we were guided to the boma area of the lodge. The boma is a beautiful fenced garden like space which had been built a short walk from the main reception area of Treetops...
Elephant Skull Tarangire NP Manyara Tanzania Anti Tsetse fly flags Manyara Tanzania Kigelia Sausage Tree Tarangire NP Manyara Tanzania Superb Starling Tarangire NP Manyara Tanzania Elephants Tarangire National Park Manyara Tanzania
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19 September 2013
Our first game drive started right on the Kuro Airstrip where our guide Elly picked us up and made us all very enthusiastic for our first game drive! He showed us a map of the park indicating the Kuro Airstrip and the route we were going to take all the way to our hotel making the transfer an exciting game drive. We drove in direction of our next accomodation the Tarangire Treetops lodge which...
Arriving at Arusha Airport from Coffee Lodge Arusha Tanzania Souvenirs at Arusha Airport Arusha Tanzania Our pickup 4WD's at Tarangire National Park Arusha Tanzania Arriving at the Kuro Airstrip in Tarangire NP Arusha Tanzania The 'Gate
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19 September 2013
After our stay at the Arusha Coffee Lodge and a briefing about our upcoming Elewana safari trip it was time to head to our first hotel in the bush:) After a pickup drive from Arusha to Arusha Airport we boarded our private Cessna plane which was quite an adventure and I would advise to anyone suffering from motion sickness to take your medication at least two hours in advance to make it through;) The...
Information about the roasting process of the Arusha coffee beans Arusha Tanzania Guided Coffee Plantation Tour in Arusha Tanzania Arusha Tanzania Arabica Coffee Bean Plantation Arusha Tanzania Coffee Plants in Arusha Arusha Tanzania Arusha Arusha Tanzania
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17 September 2013
After a good night's rest and a very complete breakfast at Arusha Coffee Lodge we had a pickup for our coffee plantation tour nearby the lodge. The tour was very interesting and our guide explained us how Arusha's arabica coffee beans are grown and harvested before being exported all over the world to end up at some places that we are very fond of such as Starbucks! Who would've thought. After...